good selling day on ebay BUT.........

  1. Well, I sold about $610 worth of bags today from my own personal collection (makes me feel better about buying my LV speedy!)
    BUT the paypal fees, listing fees and Final value fees are EATING up my profit. How do I invoice with google checkout? Do I need their personal email address and will I get kicked off eBay for doing so?
    Thank you!
  2. they wont like that!!
    the greedy @@@
    is it worth loosing your e bay account over
  3. PayPal is eBay owned. That explains their dislike of Google Checkout. I really do wish there were alternatives to both.
  4. all the fees totally add up. I usually wait to sell when ebay has listing sales, like .10 or .25 to list. Also for high priced items I ask buyer to pay with e-check and offer free shipping or something.
  5. The fees dont bug me like they used to. I just chalk it up to the cost of doing business. I have actually gotten several buyers over the past 2 weeks to send me personal checks, that saved me paypal fees at least. All cleared with no problem.