Good Seller if you like Sullivan's

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  1. Hey!

    This is the seller who I bought my lavender sullivan for. Her bags are in MINT condition, and her prices are very good. I've seen these sullivan's going for close to $1000, especially for fuschia. Anyway, just thought I'd post... Sullivan is hard to manuever, since it's like a vanity case, but I do love mine...:heart: As you all know... this is also the GM, which always goes for a little more...

    eBay: Auth Vernis Louis Vuitton Fuchsia Sullivan GM Mint! (item 320052325979 end time Nov-28-06 12:08:12 PST)
  2. I adore the fushia vernis! Also, love the purple thompson she has listed!
  3. The patina on the sullivan is still so light! She told me, LV just stopped doing it for her, and she was getting rid of all her bags... OMG!!!! I don't think that will EVER happen to me....:confused1: :P :confused1:
  4. Oh my..I love the color .How do you carry your Sullivan Veronika??

    I also love that purple thompson..yummm
  5. Augh that's a gorgeous bag!
  6. OMG, if that ever happens to me, someone slap me!! :sweatdrop:

  7. Ya know, I carry my Sullivan just like a Bedford, over my shoulder, and it hangs a little slanted down your back. That's how my Bedford's do too. I just don't pop in and out of it. I always put it down and then unzip, usually when I'm at a restaurant, etc. If I'm in my car, I just leave top open for easy access. But, to me, it does wear like a Bedford. The straps might be a little longer, haven't measured them, but makes it a good shoulder bag for me, but can also be carried in crook of arm, like your pic of Bedford. I :heart: my Sullivan GM, and the fuschia is TDF, but not better than framboise (haha) IMO....:P
  8. That bag is pristine. So pretty. She has some nice stuff up for sale.