Good selection of Novak bags on LVR

  1. LVR currently have some really nice Novaks on their website - and the red is back!!!

    They have the larger size in black, tobacco & sand, as well as the wowen leather (same colours) and the smaller size in black, white & red! They are too cute! (But I'm NOT a fan of the crocheted version)

    I was just thrilled to find the red again - have been lusting over that bag since I first saw it last fall - and this is the first time I have seen a small Novak in red. I ordered one as soon as I saw it , and it's on pre-order... can't wait to get it:love:
  2. I have the small red novak, I love it! =)
  3. Ooh cute! I like the small one. Congrats vicky, cant wait until you get it. I bet its even cuter in person.
  4. I just got the larger size in black from them earlier this week. I love it! I am tempted by the red too.....

    Post pics when you get it!
  5. ooooo the small one is cute, but i prefer the larger.
  6. Me too. I like the bag larger. I really did want one a while back. Now I guess... I don't know.
  7. I do like them, though.
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