good sale for the younger girls

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  1. I found this site online and they are having a pretty good sale on more of the hip/hop type clothing that it seems the teens+ are wearing. They did have a little girls dept. so I bought some cute tops for my daughter who is literally driving me crazy with her dressing, all she wants to wear is the color pink...........
    Two of my friends went online and stocked up. Some of the things are too over the top--but my one friend said it what her teens are wearing and she was happy to get some great buys.

    It is easy to navigate if you hit the sale then go to shop by department and do shop by size and lowest to highest price.

    What's your feedback on this stuff????
  2. wats the website exactly?
    cos i try and all I found is the denstistry
  3. oh dear G-d 'fashionable' clothing isn't always age appropriate
  4. Im a teen and I love there site. Thanks for the info!
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