Good SA in Saks 5Ave NYC?

  1. Could anyone please give me a name and #? Thank you sooooooooo much!!!:tup:
  2. Joseph!!! He's the BEST Saks SA ever! And his packages always arrive like a xmas present with Chanel perfume samples on the bow.

    I dont have the number offhand but just call Saks 5th Ave and ask them to transfer you to Chanel
  3. Ditto! JOSEPH -- he's my man too :smile: What a great SA! Better to contact him on his business cell phone -- 917-776-9353. It's almost impossible to get through to a live person on the Saks NYC Chanel line when you call on or near a EGC day.....soooo busy in there. But try his cell phone/leave a message and he'll surely do his best to care of you. Tell him Lisa sent you!
  4. I also bought my bags from Joseph! he is very helpful & nice.
  5. I like Endo. He got me my original cabas in 5 minutes. Though my husband likes Joseph. I am not so much a fan of Joseph since he told my husband NOT to buy me the black multi pocket I was craving for years. But he does know his stuff. Either guy is great. Saks NYC # is 212 753 4000
  6. Joseph is the go-to-guy at Saks. Besides his knowledge and ability to track down wanted items, his upbeat personality wins me over....
  7. i go to susan, she's really sweet!
  8. Hi,

    May i know why did u buy your original cabas? I am wait listed for the original cabas under Joseph, hope to get it soon! :p

  9. i spoke to alexandria the other day and she seemed pretty nice. anyone ever deal with her?
  10. Alex is my SA there. She is pretty good and not too pushy. She is a little ditzy though and doesn't always listen... she will find any bag for you and if you want to be on the list and want something when it comes in, she'll get it.
  11. Joseph is great! very nice and down to earth! Susan is ok too...I found her a bit pushy though...

  12. I got my original back in Feb. I called on a Monday, and I got Endo on the phone. He said he had the original just sitting there in leather. I said SEND IT OVER!! and he did. I spoke to him a few weeks ago and we were talking how I scored that one out of the blue. He said the last original was shipped out to Germay in April.
  13. :tup:Thank you everybody for your info! I finally went to Joseph, he looks very nice and very kind and easy to work with! He has what I was looking for, I will buy from him again! And " foxy Lisa":smile: thank you for your #, so I could reach him without a long wait.
  14. Lost my favorite SA Joseph at Saks NYC. Any recommendations from fellow pfrs who shops there?
  15. I have dealt with Rosemary and she is a gem. She treats her customers very well, and even will send me great info/chanel catalogs in the mail.