Good restaurant in NYC

  1. My daughter and I are making our annual mother/daughter Broadway/Shopping trip to the Big Apple. Any restaurants we should try? We are letting my son tag along this time and he LOVES the Pastis lobster and fries w/ mayo - but I am thinking of trying something different. Is Spice Market all its made out to be? My children are travelers so I am not worried about ritzy restaurants, they are extremely well behaved and no problem so let the advice fly:yes:
  2. ugh.. as a New Yorker, I despise when tourists refer to NYC as "the big apple." its just so.. I can't quite describe it. Corny? Maybe.

    Any restaurant? What kinds of food do you and your children enjoy?
    Random restaurants that come to mind:

    21 Club, Nobu, Lombardi's Pizza, Isle, Kum Kang San, Terrace on the Park..
  3. I'm sure there are other NYers that have a better opinion of tourists that will give you some great ideas shoegal :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for the compliment.:flowers:
  5. No need to respond if it irritates you so much, I'll just purchase a Zagat's and call it a day. Thanks Chag and on further thought - if with everything that goes on in the world, you despise this reference, you have got to get out more.:oh: :oh:
  6. I'm sorry if I offended you but to reply to someone who is so excited about her mother daughter excursion to NY with "ugh.. as a New Yorker, I despise when tourists refer to NYC as "the big apple." its just so.. I can't quite describe it. Corny? Maybe." is a bit rude, don't you think? There are others here who catch onto that excitement and will guide her to their favorite places without thinking of her as a despised tourist...:biggrin:
  7. Anytime dear :biggrin: and I know you will have a wonderful time there. I love NY even though there are bad apples LOL!!:lol:
  8. The funny thing is - this is a trip we have taken for the past 5 years and no one has ever been even a hint of rude:huh:
  9. Like I said there are "some" bad apples...
  10. Ok, I'm not a NYer :biggrin: but I go to NY quite a bit and I never miss the opportunity to visit Serendipity 3 (from that movie). I know, typical tourist but hey, I love the dessert and I've braved a few winter weather just to go there. Just be ready for the long wait. Also, if you love fries, there's Pomme Frites. Hole in the wall kinda thing but the dips are awesome.
  11. I will help you honey but would you narrow it down for me? WHAT kind of food do you like ? How much do you want to spend?
  12. We've done everything from pizza to Daniel so we try it all!
  13. 21 Club
    21 Club
    21 Club

    As you can see I am a huge fan of this restaurant. It has the good ole boy network type atmosphere but its not the least bit stuffy. I got EXCELLENT service here and the food was OUTSTANDING.
  14. Thanks nathansgirl, its on the list!
  15. incredibly rude.