Good reason to buy a horse

  1. Look at the size of that box!!! (For the saddle....)

    horse ad 2.jpg
  2. I dont know if they really come in those boxes.
    DH would have a heart attack if a box that big appeared in our life!!
  3. Does anyone here have H saddles?
  4. no, they don't -- just a plain old brown shipping box. :crybaby:

    i think you should get an orange box of your choice with any saddle purchase. :p
  5. DQ, Did you get your saddle from H directly, or another saddlery, like Dover?
  6. That horse in the ad is beautiful. :smile:
  7. from hermes madison -- they sent me a few to try out so i could pick size and tree width and then we ordered. and courntey even came out to my place twice to make sure i got the best fit. since they're all handmade they all differ slightly -- and if she knows what your horse is like she can pull the best candidates from the warehouse. but i must say that the memory foam they use in the panels makes fitting pretty easy -- my one saddle fits all five of my horses. :yahoo:
  8. That is great! I need a jumping saddle for the little stinker.....but I dont think she would come all the way out here, LOL (...or would she?? :graucho: )

    So sorry you didnt get a big orange box!
  9. LOL! That first post actually cracked me up because I can see myself trying to explain to DH that I truly need a horse because, um, well, the saddle box is REALLY big. :lol:

    I didn't get a big huge orange box when I got my one and only H saddle...decades ago.
  10. I almost used an Hermes saddle as a decor item in another house we had. We had a large & deep art niche above the TV next to the fireplace in the family room. My SA loved the idea but the saddle was actually too small.
    Used some trunks instead.
  11. I have been horseless for 3 years, but this would be an instance where I'd get the saddle first then find a horse! To me, the saddle represents everything Hermes is all about. I knew about Hermes through their saddles long before I even heard of birkins or kellys. And the big orange box doesn't hurt either!
  12. Me too!
    Unfortunately I have been horseless for much longer than three years now...and will probably continue to be so.
    We have this empty barn just sitting there forlornly waiting! LOL!
    (Actually it's an equipment barn and would need a renovation in order to house a horse, which is about 1/10th the reason I don't have one. The other 9/10th consists of my husband not liking horses + I have a bum knee.)
  13. ^Hmm, I don't even have a barn anymore to pretend like I might have a horse again! Live in a condo on the 10th floor...will just be me and the saddle!
  14. ^^ The bright side is: More money for purses, ouija!
  15. Gorgeous picture!!