Good Rainy-Day News

  1. For everybody drowning in torrential rains (gurgle gurgle) on the East Coast: I used to be so uptight about preventing water from getting on the leather trim of my LV bags because I was worried about spots. Then the other day, I was caught in a downpour wearing my LV monogram Popincourt Long (despite weather forecasts that the storms were over).

    Long story short, half the bag got soaked through with rain, leather strap/trim and all. But much to my surprise, when the bag was thoroughly dry a couple of hours later, there were no spots or indication whatsover which side had gotten wet. And the bag is relatively new--got it in February--so the trim hasn't had much time to develop a patina.

    For what it's worth... :smile:
  2. Jill DC, you are very lucky. I have heard that they leave spots..I am too afraid to take mine out. That is why I got the Damier 30 speedy and have been using it constantly since I am in the Philly area and its a mess here. So sick of the rain. :rant:

    Rain rain go away so my other louie's can come out and play:yes:
  3. you arhave you really lucky jill...have you sprayed your bag with anything???? I live in BC and it makes me nervous to take out any of my bags.....i still haven't taken my miziz out of her box~
  4. I believe the popincourt bags are treated with something. They seem different.
  5. So awesome, glad your bag dried with no spots :biggrin:
  6. I have a Popincourt Haut that I treated with Apple Guard, one strap was seriously soaked in a puddle of water on my counter, I was panicked! Thankfully when it dried, I am not able to tell which strap was the wet one, no mark at all!

    I am so happy that yours survived the downpour...I am in Ohio, and it is pouring as I type this!
  7. Very funny!

    Ladies, I haven't treated my Popincourt long with anything, and as far as I can tell, its no different from the finish of other LV monogram bags that I have purchased in recent years.
  8. Jill, did you get caught in any traffic out there? I heard it's awful. I really want to use my new bedford, but its raining like cats and dogs!
  9. I brought my Speedy out today as it was just drizzlign earlier. The water just beaded up on the leather and I just dabbed it with a paper towel. I sprayed mine the first time I got it with SM but that's it. There are no marks on mine but it's a torrential downpour right now that it will have to stay under my jacket.
  10. Jill D.C, Thats awesome!
    Im glad im not the only one hating this rain...I have been carrying my "throw around" fendi purse for the longest time because of it...and dont get me started on all the D.C road closings :rant:
  11. its funny you should say that. My blois bag has a different patina and finish that my others. Its shiny and patina's better.