Good questions to ask a seller to authenticate a day bag?

  1. If I had one that I was interested in from eBay, what's the best questions to ask? (beyond when it was purchased).

    Just want to see if there's anything specific I should be asking... :shrugs:

    I don't think the day has bales so I can't ask for close up shots of that...
  2. OMG!!!!!!!!! This is totally off topic, but is that a Blueberry Twiggy in your avatar??? I was wondering of those existed.... :graucho:

  3. actually no, its anthracite twiggy!

    It looks darker though than the pic - in real life. In this pic it looks kinda vibrant blue.
  4. Very nice!!! I :heart: it!! Such a gorgeous color!!

  5. Lucky for you, the Day style has a good chance of being real.

    As far as I know, scum-bag fakers make mostly the City and First styles, although I am in NO WAY saying there are no fakes of the Day.

    I have two Days, and I think what sets them apart is the buckles and rivets. Ask to see the pictures of them (and the back of the rivets to make sure the notches are the right size/shape), and make sure they look just like the ones on atelier.naff's site. You could ask for a picture of the O-ring, but they could just send you a pic of where the O-ring doesn't meet to throw you off. Other than that, it's somewhat difficult cause like you said, they don't have bales.

    G luck!
  6. I always ask for pics of the tag (front and back, if it's not posted). I also like to ask why a seller is selling a bag and where she bought it.
  7. There are fake day bags, but they are somewhat rare.

    Be very careful about the color of the bag. Check it very carefully with the color chart on the atelier.naf sight. There was someone selling a grey day bag that was probably a fake on eBay recently and the giveaway was the awful icky grey color. :yucky:
  8. i saw that. i feel sorry for whoever bought it and paid 500 dollars for it :sweatdrop:

    i definitely agree - check on the colour on ateliernaff. if it looks mysteriously solid and the leather looks questionable, you're probably better off avoiding it.

    also, all the genuine days i've seen IRL have the same serial number on the back of the label, which corresponds with the listing on ateliernaff. i've seen some on ebay with mismatching serial numbers so i've chosen to pass on those...
  9. PS i saw some other auction type site where someone in china or HK was selling blatant fakes of the day in various colours. she/he seemed to have a large supply of them which is worrying. i think i saw white, red and a few other non-SS07 colours. the pictures looked worryingly convincing. :p
  10. There are definitely fake Days out there, and good ones at that... What color is this one? I would ask for close ups of the bales and buckles, and of *both* sides of the inside tag. Look carefully at the font and serial numbers, plus what is between "Balenciaga.Paris" (i.e., a dot or line?) You may want to also ask for close ups of the handles, and check the color of the thread that's on the handles. Let us know if you need more help! I once bought a fake Day before on Ebay, they are harder to spot :push:
  11. Ask to see the inside tag and the back of the tag look at the numbers and verify if they are correct and the hardware on the bag!
  12. thanks everyone. I'm waiting for the seller to reconfirm but it appears that the back of the tag reads: 140442 213048 - like I said, I'm waiting for her to reconfirm that.

    Also she needs to send me a pic of the back of the stud on the handle so I can see the notches.

    There is a dot between Balenciaga.Paris on the front of the leather tag.

    The bag colour is in line with the season that it is from.
  13. What threw you off on not being able to spot it was a fake? What was it on the bag that proved when it arrived that it was? did the seller provide the leather tag numbers plus close up shots of the stud notches and buckles?

  14. Part of it was that I jumped on a BIN that was great before *really* looking at the bag :shame: After looking at it more closely, the font on the inside tag was wrong, the threading was the wrong color, and the bales were too wide up top. Luckily the seller was wonderful and truly didn't know she was selling a replica. After a friend of hers confirmed it was fake, she refunded my money immediately (the bag was never sent). I got super-duper lucky in that case!
  15. wow you are sooo lucky!!! but i thought the Day does not have bales - correct? (unless the ring attaching the strap to the bag is called a bale), correct me if I'm wrong since I'm still relatively new on this....