GOOD quality to be found at Chanel?

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  1. So you read a lot about lackluster quality but have any of you actually positive or mostly positive experiences?

    I bought several items from them during the last year and the only problem I had was a popped stitch with my mini tweed. They took care of it in store and I waited about 3 minutes. I was annoyed at first but left super happy.

    On top of that my in store experience was always very pleasant. But maybe that’s because of my boutique, the team is the best. (Germany)

    And yes, to get it out of the way, the prices are now even more ridiculous.
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  2. I think the big issue is that it can be so spotty, you just never know. Some seasons' classics are horrific (the caviar or lack of quality leather like 19s) and some can be AMAZING (20C chevron caviar jumbos were the best ever). Some coco's are wobbly and scuff to brown, others are sturdy and indestructible. Some black hardware chips, some doesn't. I bought 2 of the so black shiny crumpled calf jumbos from last season, one is perfect, one has a glue stain that took off the finish.

    I haven't had consistently GOOD Chanel bags of any of the established lines (boys, coco's, trendy's, classics, Gabrielle's, vanity, filigree, etc) except 1) the reissues and 2) the 19's so far. Both of the latter I've not had issues with.

    All the SA I have worked with for years are amazing, and I truly DO love working with them. They are hindered only by Chanel policies that lack depth and sophistication in attending to issues/ defects. Their hands are tied so many times, and their ceiling of CS ends relatively low with a company that just doesn't respect or appreciate (or actually even like ) accessories customers. That said, I've had issues with other houses that should NEVER happen (Hermes and it was a pain, Dior but they are wonderful to quickly resolve, and LV which I've found is the best).

    And I wouldn't mind Chanel having lofty prices IF they just improved the consistency and quality of their products.
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    Personally I’ve never had any issues with my Chanel bag purchases but I’m also not that picky (I don’t baby bags so I figured my bags will get wear on it anyway.) I did have two quite shocking non-bag issues - one where the CC fell off the front of an SLG and a pair of black ballerinas that separated completely at the toe.

    I didn’t stop shopping Chanel bc of quality but because the frequent and aggressive price hikes made no sense to me. I still love the reissues, coco handle and tweed bags that I have and I feel they are well-made and holding up well. I just have no desire to accumulate more Chanel bags at this point. I have/ a great Chanel SA and I do miss shopping with her.
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  4. I've never once had any quality or service issues personally. I think human nature is to speak up when you're unhappy, than to post about how happy and satisfied we are!
    I have maybe 10 pieces, all are fabulous quality and have held up to true wear over the years!
  5. My only issue I ever had with any bag I've owned was a popped stitch on a Jumbo. Which was taken care of quickly & easily.

    I do agree that there seems to be some inconsistency, but it's hard for me to say when it's not like I've seen all bags.

    On here we see everything from, yeah that's not good, return to are you kidding me micro scoping supposed imperfections.
  6. I haven’t had any quality issues in the 5 years I’ve been buying Chanel. I’ve also only ever been given great service.
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  7. I haven’t had any quality issues and always experience great service!
  8. I have personally looked at pieces in store that I felt were not up to the par I prefer. I have gone to purchase items and asked to have another one because I see something I don't like.... I think variations are to be expected, these items are supposed to be handmade, materials come from different facilities, I've seen slight variations in hardware, leather, etc.. I think it's all normal and if things are too perfect it almost seems less authentic or manufacturers by robots.
  9. I’ve had good experiences so far. I did order a bag that was not available in my local boutique that arrived with some small stains at the top. They did find me a new one and ship it to my house. Otherwise, I have gotten my mom and sisters bags and haven’t had any issues.

    I’ve worked with 3 SAs there and all have been friendly. The one I stuck with is amazing. I enjoy the experience I have gotten there and am looking forward to shopping again once they open up again.
  10. Other than one experience at Galeries Lafayette Chanel shoe section in Paris, where the security guard had to inform three SAs that I wanted to buy a pair boots. Which in the end, I decided not to buy there and I instead went to Printemps to purchase the boots. All my experience has been amazing at Chanel. All my items from Chanel are all great quality *touch wood that continues*.

    I am not a high spender at Chanel but every time I have been there, I have always been shown anything I want to see. Mind you I only go to Chanel when I want to purchase something.

    I always feel bad when I read stories about people going back to their SAs about quality issue and the SA’s respond being “it’s normal”. I would not be happy if that ever happens to me, so I always feel terrible.
  11. I owned near 12 Chanels, first from 2014 and the latest was this month. I have pvc, lambskin, and caviar, iridescent, crocodile embossed leather.
    All has been perfect although I hardly carry them.
    They are really just great quality pieces I owned and no other brand satisfy as much as Chanel in terms of hype/trend, classic, intensity, branding, versatile, quality, varieties, colors and the list goes on.
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  12. I've been buying Chanel since 2010, classic flaps, reissues, WOCs. All have had excellent, impeccable quality. No problems with any. Lambskin wears out quickly though, so I would recommend caviar for frequent use bags. Some of "flaws" I see on this forum are ridiculous. I can't even imagine looking at my bags THAT closely, if you are looking for minuscule issues, you will find them. That applies to Hermes too. They are handmade bags after all.