Good quality pics of my new Cyclamen Evelyne PM!

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  1. LOL, well done, that's a much better view, gorgeous, congratulations again on your new evelyn, she's very pretty:

  2. beautiful Evelyne, Arnott!
  3. Wow, the colour is so vibrant!

  4. Love the colour, gorgoeus!
  5. congrats again! :smile:
  6. What a great color for an evelyne!
  7. Gorgeous! What an amazing color!!!! CONGRATS!:drool:
  8. What an incredibly vibrant colour - it is so snazzy!
  9. Oooooh! Lovely!
  10. Oh, it is soooo beautiful!!! Congratulations!!
  11. The color is so Yummy!
  12. Amazing pictures of your BEAUTIFUL BAGS!:yes:
  13. Your Evelyn is *SO* pretty!! I would love to have something in that color!! Congrats!
  14. The color is BEYOND GORGEOUS!!!:love: Congrats once again! You did good! I hope you enjoy this bag in the best of health for many years to come!

    P.S. It looks GREAT next to your Azur speedy!:nuts: