Good quality fakes????

  1. I went to visit my friend the other day and noticed she had a beautiful new purse. I asked her if I could see it because it was so big and just a really nice purse. She told me it was a fake from a purse party. It was a DolceG. large black tote. I tried it on and looked it over and I can honestly say I was impressed with the quality. She went on to tell me about all the other designer purses and the prices were all under $100.00.
    Since I am not into fakes I haven't had a chance to have a fake bag in my hands to look over. Are fakes really getting so good????? I have never looked at DolceG. purses at the stores and I am sure a person who owns them can probably point out a lot of things that show a purse is fake and when I am out shopping you can always spot a lot of fake purses because they look so tacky. This one actually was stunning. It just makes you wonder about bait and switch in some stores?????
  2. I think fakes are getting quite good, and bait and switch does occur especially in discount stores (I assume in the brand name store itself, the employees may be vigilant). Recently in my neighborhood TJMaxx I've seen Prada, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana and Dooney leather bags tagged with an electronic tag. I was told that the item is non-returnable if the tag is removed, because people have tried bait and switch.
  3. I saw a real (I hope) DolceG. on smart bargins last night that was so pretty. It was the same size as the Chanel Cabas and I so wanted to order it because I have been looking for a purse for months--really want the Chanel Cabas but don't want to spend the $$$ for it. I just could not bring myself to order a purse from Smart Bargins because I would never be 100% sure it was real and that alone would bother me.
  4. I have heard of high quality fakes, but have never seen one in person. I haved only seen the cheap, vinyl fakes. I keep hearing about these leather, high quality, "mirror" fakes, but I have never come into contact with them. I would love to see a good, fake Marc Jacobs next to the real thing. I have alwayws wondered how good these fakes really are.
  5. You know, I have sometimes wondered "what if one of my eBay purchases is fake?" But the thing is, I get them authenticated by a manager at the designer's boutique (sometimes more than one location, if it was a really big purchase) and mine have all been confirmed as real. There's definitely a part of me that thinks "but REALLY, you never REALLY know FOR SURE", but if a fake was so good it could fool multiple managers for the designer, then maybe it's still worth whatever I paid for it??????
  6. There are still hideous, obvious fakes out there for sure....but I do think the fakes are getting better and better. The only way to be 100% sure you buy authentic is to buy direct from the designer (if possible!) or their authorized reps only.
  7. The whole idea is scary. Every time I buy a Chloe or Balenciaga I wonder if it is going to be fake and I won't know. There isn't a store around here that carries those brands, so I have no idea what they look like IRL. I am so glad we have wonderful ladies that can help with all of this.:tpfrox:
  8. Some fakes look better than others, but even the best fakes can't get it completely right. There is always something about the bag that tips off those in the know that the bag is indeed fake.
  9. I have seen & handled "mirror image" Gucci, Kooba, Balenciaga & Chloe. My sisters in law have them, bought on i-offer (they knew they were buying fakes, btw). They are fairly convincing on sight, but put them next to the authentic bag and the differences in leather quality, stitching and hardware are huge. Usually the cheap-looking hardware is a dead giveaway, especially with Chloe.
  10. I don't know, I've seen so many of those striped D&G bags around everyone has one around here, and I swear they are fake.
  11. yeah, some fakes are as good. and there's some which is even better in the quality f the leather

    i've seen some D&G fakes in great design adn quality leather but i NEVER seen the original one :sad:
    i wonde if they created the bag themselves and put D&G to sale more stuffs, because i honestly never seen the real one. i really want to buy that bag, but i can't buy fakes so i've been searching high and low for the real one but no luck still :crybaby:
  12. What freaked me out was the leather was butter soft and it was just as nice as my Hayden Harnett (SP)bag. I kept looking for something that would make it look off but it was so well made. But then again I feel if a person had a real one they would know. Since I have had quite a few real LV I feel I could tell a fake from the real thing. It just makes it scary to buy from anyone. My one friend has told me fakes have been returned to the high end dept. store she works in. If the bag has the tag on they have to take it back, but anyone can buy a plastic tag thing to rehang tags on merchandise.
  13. Sometimes a fake bag has actually been made by the designer themselves, but because the bag was supposed to be disposed of and/or destroyed for one reason or another (perhaps a stitch was off, hardware was problematic, color was wrong, etc) but was instead, snuck out the back door & sold on the black market - That same bag is now considered counterfeit. There was an article about this a while back and why it's getting so hard to determine fake from authentic bags. A bag must be approved by a designer in order for it to be considered authentic.

    Sometimes everything is identical except for one small detail. A few years ago, there were a whole bunch of Marc Jacobs Blake bags for sale on eBay (by various sellers) that were all fake. The only obvious difference between the two was the brand of zippers being used. Other than that, the bags were almost identical. If you didn't have an authentic bag to compare it to, it would have been very easy to think it was real.
  14. I was actually a victim of a high quality fake bait and switch. I bought my Fendi B. shoulder bag from eBay, and it was stellar... even when I had it in my hands I thought for sure it was real- until I got to the hologram tag.

    If it weren't for that little tag, I might well be walking around with a fake on my arm simply because I wanted to save $200. Terrifying isn't it? I ended up going to the boutique and paying full price.
  15. Very true....this is why it's imperative to know your stuff before you buy from auction sites or other retailers (even your local consignment store). Of course, if you're buying from the brand's boutique, or a reputable department store or consignment store/site, you can buy with confidence. But yes, there are some really good fakes out there that, save for one or two little details, are almost identical to the real thing. It's scary.