good price? would you get it

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  1. I have an opportunity to get a coach brooklyn (the original in 2005) for $150. Would you get it? What do you think? I tried to search up some threads, but can't find anyone with the original brooklyn. Do you like it? What do you guys think? TIA.
  2. That's a GREAT price for the original - snag it while you can! :biggrin:
  3. For that price, I'd get it in a heartbeat!
  4. does anyone else here have it? do you like using it? can you post a picture? I read it has a 13" drop but I just want to make sure it is comfortable and useful especialy if I'm going to use it for my laptop (don't want it to break).
  5. UM yeah! The only one I saw on ebay when I was looking up pictures is like $600! I would call this a STEAL!!
  6. If it's in good shape go for it. I think you should be able to find pictures on the bay....
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    ^^ I"m sorry, I was re-reading this, and I meant for $250. Found it on craigslist.

    Was also wondering what the difference is between the original and the MFF version. I believe mine is the FP version.

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    i have the mff version and mine has tattersall lining,and also turnlocks on the front pockets insted of the buckles on the full price bag...

    heres a few pictures..not sure if anything else is really different...




    heres a modeling pic i did of 5'2 so this is how big the mff version is

  9. ^^ Thanks ItzBellaDuh, I'm 5'4, so there's not much difference. How much was your MFF?
  10. i think i pm'd you the price. was a gift so cant say for sure..but i believe a little under $ it back a little before christmas
  11. Great deal!!

    Oh, and a little history: the original (style #7466) wasn't actually named Brooklyn. This was before every freakin' bag had a name. Her name was like, Legacy Flap or something and I remember she was the first $750-level bag, like ever! Now every other bag is $800-$900!! I also remember Mandy Moore carried the white one all over the place... maybe you can search the celebrities thread too!

    The main differences are the lining, and the MFF has turnlocks on the pockets. The FP had buckles that were magnetized. Also, the FP had a cute tassel thing that was hanging off the backside (where the 4 studs are), and the MFF doesn't)
  12. that's really interesting. I also noticed that the style number is only 4 digits unlike all the styles now (which are 5 digits). They did all this update after 2005, I believe. That's so awesome.
  13. What color would you be getting? Brown, the metallic, white or?
  14. the seller called it "steel", I do love the original (mins the lining).
  15. They were $185 + tax - can't remember if that was with a coupon or not.