Good price??? Should I get it?

Sep 21, 2007
Hey - this is posted on another forum - for 100$ shipped.

Is this a good price?

I'm not very familiar with BUrberry so I dont know what style or model this is!

Should I get it?!


Oct 29, 2007
Yes that is a VERY GOOD PRICE if it is authentic and new. Even if it is second hand it is still a good price. But I would ask for more photos to get it authenticated it first.


Feb 16, 2007
Looks authentic to me..u can find out exactly how much people spent on this particular bag in the past 6 months ---Do this by clicking the BUY icon, then click ADVANCED SEARCH, then enter product name and check mark "previously listed"..and all the purchases will show up..that's the best way to know how much things usually sell for on EBay.:yes: Also, about $60 not including shipping is the most I'd pay for that only retailed for around $300 5 years ago. And have sold on EBay for around $50-$55 authentic. I checked.