Good price on Uggs?

  1. Anyone know of any deals/websites on Uggs? Also, someone told me that they run big, what size should I get if I normally wear a 6 1/2?
  2. I'm wondering the same exact questions.... :shrugs: Thanks!
  3. I normally wear an 8 and I buy a 7 in Uggs
  4. Yeah, size down one entire size. I wear a 7 in normal shoes, so my Uggs are a 6 :smile:
  5. I normally wear a 9 or 9.5 in normal shoes and a size 8 in Uggs fits me perfect.
  6. I purchased mine in the little girls department. I am a 5.5 - 6. I have size 3.5 in girls. and my daughter who is a 6.5-7.0 put on a 4.5 in girls. I purchased mine at Von Maur for $60.00 They are wonderful boots.
  7. Thanks everyone! anyone know any coupon codes or suggestions where to buy?
  8. girl's sizes run in half-sizes and women's sizing is only in whole sizes? is that correct?
  9. if you go to the link sets you up for an automatic 20% discount on shoes. plus free shipping and free returns. it's a pretty good deal
  10. In small print it names some brands that aren't included and Ugg is one of them :sad:
  11. Hi all,

    I recently bought Tall Uggs in Chestnut as a gift for my daughter -- got the last pair in the store. I searched all over the Web and could not find anything less than full retail, which was $140. :wtf: Even prices on eBay were higher than this.

  12. Shoebuy has Adult Crocs for $29 - $10 coupon WWMAG = $19 with free shipping.

    not sure, but that coupon code might work WWMAG b/c it's $10 off all shoes
  13. YOu guys all need to visit Santa Cruz, CA! Uggs were originally "surfer" boots for folks getting out of the water.

    My first pair was purchased 20 years ago from a Surf shop and I still have them! They last forever!

    Surf shops typically have them on sale for great prices in Spring and especially Summer. Although, now since Uggs are trendy (ugh!) the prices might remain the same all year.
  14. lately, it's so hard to find classic uggs. everywhere is sold out/back ordered. i finally found a pair for $150 at a boutique. i'm usually a 6 and i wear a 5.
  15. I went ahead and got my size and think it's try on first, if you can. The girls dept. will carry your size unless your foot is too large, and you'll pay much less.
    Do you have a tjmaxx near you? They're likely out now, but they get some in for muuuuch less. (But, for the record, they're so worth the money, even full price. Very comfy and last forever...I LOVE them!)