good price for a used balenciage "purse"?

  1. Hey guys, I've never purchased a Balenciaga before and I'm curious how much used Balenciaga "purse" style bags usually go for if it is in relateively good condition? Thanks! any feedback is appreciated :heart:
  2. The purse is a style that I've seen run the gamut pricewise. I've seen some mint condition ones go as low as in the 800's, but also as high as well over 1K. I think it depends on how much the seller wants to get rid of the bag. The Purse is one of the less popular styles so I think that's why sometimes they go for less. Not as much demand. I personally LOVE this style as it holds more than a city I think and even when totally stuffed, it doesn't look like it's too stuffed. The shoulder straps are sooooo comfortable. I actually tend to use my Purse styles when I travel because I can hold a lot in them and I don't like huge travel bags. I just need a roomy purse.
  3. I think it also depends on the colour.... I have an eggplant and they are pretty rare, other colours like magenta can be pretty expensive as well. Its a fab style and a shame its no longer available!
  4. I also agreed with pinkchristie22, it is all depend on the colors, the rare color you get, the price can be more expensive
  5. Why do people hate this style! It's so great! It's the only one I've found where you can get the handles over your shoulder..:tup:
  6. It is a more practical bag and the style is cute! It's weird that it's not that popular though..

  7. Totally agree; I like it more than the city since it fits over your shoulder. I have it in black and everytime I look at my bbags and contemplate selling one, I remember why I like this one.