Good price for a preloved Maxi? Need to make a decision ASAP

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  1. Hi all,

    I have a couple of Chanel pieces, a seasonal flap, a WOC and an O ring pouch. All of which were purchased new. But my holy grail is and will always be a Chanel Flap. Preferably in a jumbo or maxi

    I have the opportunity to purchase a 2009 Chanel maxi single flap in black caviar from someone I know and trust for $3400. The bag is in excellent condition and looks brand new. It still seems like a lot of money to spend on a "used" bag. Should I just wait to save up to purchase new? Is this a good price?
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  2. This is a question that really only you can answer yourself because "a good price" varies to different people.
    Do you want a single flap? If yes I'd say the price is not bad for an excellent condition one.
    Unfortunately, a good conditioned "used" bag (especially Chanel) is still not cheap on the pre-owned market.
    If not you should save up for a double flap.
  3. That price is consistent with what I've seen in consignment stores and on the online pre-owned market. Especially for a like-new condition bag. Even pre-owned bags showing "regular use" are going for $3K and up, especially in that size. So in that sense, I'd say the price is fair. The real question, though, is do you love the bag! As wise forumites have told me, if you wouldn't buy it for full price, you shouldn't buy it at all. Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. Yes, I believe is a good price for an in excellent condition Maxi. But be adviced that single flaps are less structured than double flaps, and tend to loose shape easier. I sold my 2011 (new condition, double flap) Maxi 3 years ago for $4400.
  5. I prefer single flaps over double. I have never had issue with single flap loosing shape. With that being said all jumbo and maxi single flaps in excellent to good condition start at around mid-3s and can go as high as current prices for certain colors. This price is very fair. I would say grab it
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