Good price for a Gucci Eclipse?

  1. [Hope this is in right spot!]

    On Amazon they are asking for 675$ for the "100% Original and Authentic" Black Gucci Eclipse Tote.
    Is this a good price?

    What worries me is that other websites have them for like $120-200.


  2. HMM, I just went on there and I only saw the wallet. The eclipse is around 700 so I do believe that it is a good price. I actually bought one in July during the sale for $400.

    The other websites that show is for 100-200$ must be fakes!
  3. Ah thanks.
    I should have known!
    My moms friend got one a couple years back for $900 at the store!
    Oh thanks so much for backing up my conscience. ;D
  4. I bought my Eclipse Tote for 860 like 2 years ago.