Good Prada Vs.baaaaaaaddd Prada...

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  1. [​IMG]oh wicker chair ate my shoe and turned into this....????!!!
    Seriously-The new Runway Prada is up on Saks and NM.COM today-Check it out....not sure...LOVE the frame bags..but what is up with the shoes??!![​IMG]
  2. I'll admit that I kind of like the shoes -- the wicker is sort of sweet. But those rough edges (along the top) look like they might be painful and, also, like they'd start to fray off right away.

    Really have loved their frame bags forever!
  3. I have to add that I like the shoes also--not the color, but the weave. I have a Duccio del Duca pair in black that I am wearing into the ground that have a similar weave, but only on the top of the toe box--the rest is plain black leather. Must be a thing that's travelling around Italy and that several designers have caught...
  4. Those shoes look painful.
  5. i like this one:

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  6. That one has such beautiful looking leather, JJ.
  7. Wow, that shoe is just unforgivable !!
  8. Dont care for the shoes either, I'll stick to BV for the woven items :biggrin:
  9. What is the name of this bag? I love it!
  10. I love this one!!

  11. Clearly I'm weird, because I love those shoes! They don't look uncomfortable to me at all - the woven shoes I've had in the past have all been extremely comfortable because they're so flexible. I think they're pretty, including the little loose bits at the top!
  12. What is up with the shoe? They didn't even bother to finish the edges. If you wore them with nylons they would chew them up.
  13. I would like the uppers of those shoes in black :smile:

    They wouldn't hurt,becuase they're leather,not wicker. And since it's a summer shoe one wouldn't expect to wear it with tights.

    I really like distressed,unusual looking things.


    I really don't like the heel or the strap. The proportions of the shoe are off,and that makes them a Nay for me.

    The bags are great,I agree!