Good places to buy in NY/NJ?

  1. I'm heading out this evening to Paramus/Elizabeth and tomorrow to all the Nordstrom sales (including Westchester) and the Woodbury Commons, and MUST find a BBag. Who sells them and has a decent stock right now?

    I'm probably looking for a shoulder or first. Um, sales or any discount coupons would be really nice. And not snotty stuck up SAs. I don't think Nordstrom actually has any in stock (I think they're all special order) but I could be completely wrong on that. I tried calling NMs today to see if they had any on sale, and they just said "no, the sale ended yesterday" and weren't very helpful on the phone, so I'm turning to y'all ladies.

    I'm guessing there's zero chance of finding them at Off Fifth or NM Last Call.

  2. Hi! No, Nordstrom doesn't carry Bbags in NJ. But Neiman Marcus in Short Hills(Obviously Short Hills Mall) and Paramus(Garden State Plaza).

    I went to the Paramus store last nite just to stare and drool. They have alot of new stuff and some old stuff, even a Purse! They don't carry Shoulder. BalNY has shoulder in sandstone(?) and French Blue. I am interested in shoulder, but I called around, nada in NJ.