Good place to register?

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  1. I'm trying to figure out a good place to set up a baby registry. We have a lot of friends and family who aren't local, so a national or online presence would be good. So far I'm thinking, but they aren't great with a lot of the little necessities, like bathing stuff, etc., so I'm wondering if I need to register somewhere else for things like that. We'll have the nursery all furnished, so it's primarily for actual baby gear (stroller, monitor, sling, pump, etc.), though I supposed extra bedding would be good. Any suggestions regarding other places that might be good and where people might actually think to look for our registry?
  2. We registered at Target and My hometown only has a Walmart, but I refuse to shop there.
  3. I registered at Babies R Us and Target. I think those are about the most common places.
  4. carries some of the higher end items that target doesnt, which is a plus if you've got your eye on something specific...
  5. Thanks all! I took a look at and they look like a great place to fill in the other things I need, in addition to some of the stuff at babystyle. I don't know why I hadn't looked at them before...
  6. I registered at Target and Babies R Us. Babies R Us is the best!!
  7. I registered at Babies r us and Pottery Barn Kids.

    The reason that i didn't go with Target is that their return policies are terrible. I was standing in line one day and this woman was returning all these things that she got double on her registry - and I mean big things like strollers, highchair, etc.,. Well she didn't have reciepts for half of them because people don't give them with the gift half the time.

    Anyway, Target told her that they would only give her store credit for everything and it HAD to be used in the baby section. She was looking at a few hundred in returns and I'm sorry, but the Target baby section is crap so what are you going to find to spend a few hundred on? Diapers, but I buy those for cheaper at Costco like a lot of people do.

    I happily take store credit to BRU because you can use that anywhere in the store and chances are, you are back there buying things once a week for at least the 1st year. I know I was.
  8. Seconding Target being a bad idea because of their return policies. Unless you are guaranteed the guests will get gift receipts and include them, the person registering could end up with seven of one item and no way to return or exchange. Babysrus worked well for us.
  9. When is it the best time to start registering for baby stuff?
  10. I started my registry right after I found out the sex, but I did it in steps. I was super anal and did a TON of research before I picked each item I wanted. That being said, started with the big stuff (stroller, Pack N Play, Bassinet, car seat, high chair). Then I went back another day and went through all the bedding and decorating stuff and then a third time for all the smaller things like bottles, nursing stuff, feeding stuff.

    I know a couple people who did it this way and we felt that we were more thorough that way. It gets really overwhelming IMO and doing it in a couple of stages made it less so.

    No matter what you do, I would do it about 6 weeks before your shower. That way you have the registry in place long enough for people to shop for you and it gives you a little time to "remember" things that you may have forgotten to put on your list.
  11. I'm not trying to hijack this thread, but for those of you who have had a baby shower, did your guests actually buy off the registry, and mark things off? I went to two baby showers 2 weekends ago and when i went to buy their gifts nothing had been marked off... not a single thing! ...except for my gifts, which was the day before. I was horrified.
  12. I would register at babiesrus I would NOT however register or ever buy anything at Baby Depot (Burlington Coat factory) , their CS/mangement, return policies are worst I have ever encountered ever and they had nothing on my registry and it couldn't even be ordered. I fortunately registered at Babiesrus too.
  13. Well, we live in the middle of NOWHERE! The nearest Babiesrus is 3 hours away in Pittsburgh..I am in BFE West Virginia. As for a shower, all my friends live in other states its just my husband and I and his family in our town, that I know that is. I don't have a job here so I havn't been able to make friends. I think my mother in law might through a shower for me with people that know her, which is fine by me, but it kinda makes me sad knowing that my friends won't be throwing me one lol..oh I am sure I will cry about this later lol. So, we have a Walmart here in my town and then there is Target a few hours away. I know I will be registering at both of those but not sure if I will be able to make it for the BabiesRUs. I am having a hard time not buying things as I walk through aisles right now lol. I am being superstitious, my in laws have already bought a few things and I refuse to bring them into the house until I am through my first trimester...only 4 more weeks to go!!
  14. buybuybaby THey have a website too! I registered there and a babies r' us and a local boutique here in the city.
  15. I registered with my first at Babiesrus. I had no problems with them and they were very accomodating with returns. Alot of people who were unable to attend my shower were able to have items shipped directly to my house which was really great.

    Danica, to answer your question, I did get alot of items off my registry...but I found that older guests were the ones that tended not to buy off my registry.