good place to get eyebrows done in seattle???

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  1. i've always done my eyebrows myself, but I want to get them dyed. can anyone recommend a good place in seattle????
  2. I hope someone can chime in! I live near Seattle and would love to hear of someone good as well! :yes:
  3. bumping...i want to know too
  4. I have had waxing and tinting done at Mode Organic Salon (4th & Pike, downtown) and Head to Toe Day Spa here in West Seattle; both did a great job. For just waxing, I've also tried Wax On in Belltown, which was pretty good, and The Wax Bar (West Seattle), which I loved. I'm a bit impulsive with my brows (in other words, I neglect them for two months, then realize that I need a wax *now*), so I've gone to several different places, depending on whether I'm at work downtown or home in West Seattle, and then depending on who can squeeze me in. :smile:
  5. Ziba at Gene Juarez in Bellevue. She is amazing. She'll get it done within 5 minutes, if not less. She is amazing. I've been going to her for over 10 years.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Definitely just wrote those down. Thanks guys! :smile:
  8. Not sure if this is okay to post, but Yelp! is a great site for reviews in many cities. If this post is not okay, I apologize in advance! Try searching there, though, it might be a better resource with more suggestions.