Good package day today - BUT...

  1. Well, I FINALLY received my sig heart ponytail scarf that I purchased on 12/28 but the store didnt order. I also received my Legacy black shoulder bag and matching wristlet, exchanged from the juniper set I got for Christmas. The black is just gorgeous and I think I'll get so much more use out of it than the juniper color. It just wasnt grabbing me like I thought it would. The items are still wrapped up, but here are stock photos.
    Now the BUT - I ordered the pink dot ponytail scarf when I exchanged the juniper, and its listed on my packing slip but not in my box!! I literally crawled in my trash can outside looking through the misc paper (which wasnt much because I keep the paper to use to stuff other bags!) but its not there. Fortunately they are going to send me out another one for 2 day delivery, but jeez - they are really slacking lately, huh?! Here the pink scarf photo too.
    heart scarf.jpg black legacy.jpg legacy wristlet.jpg dot scarf.jpg
  2. so dissapointing...i would have been doing the same thing..but running in circles and shaking out anything that might have tried to eat the i hope it gets to you soon and it's in the box this time.
  3. I think JAX is losing it! :wtf: Looks like you got some beautiful things, be sure and post pics when you unwrap them!!! :tup:
  4. I do too, I think they might not have the staff to keep up with the demand.

  5. I *love* your Legacy shoulder bag. I think you'll get fabulous use out of it!! :smile: Can't wait to see in-person pics.
  6. Love your purchases and your scarf should arrive shortly, Enjoy!:tup:
  7. Lovely purchases! I would've done the same going around looking for it. It would be funny too because I would make my husband look for it and we'll be going crazy trying to find something that wasn't even there in the first place. Happened before haha. It was a crazy moment. Well glad things worked out for you!
  8. I love the bag and the wristlet and the scarves are cute... hopefully it'll be there soon!