Good outlets/ consignment stores for YSL?

  1. I am always a season or few late... I am now desperately trying to find a medium or large SDJ in the lush cognac/saddle brown; and now of course it is only available in the small version. Would consider both new or pre owned. Does anybody know of outlets/consignment stores worth looking at? Have tried the usuals (evilbay, vc, yoogi’s, fashionphile and pretty much all hits returned by ’pre owned ysl bags’ and similar searches ;) )

    I know it is there somewhere! I have the small in smooth calf and it is too small :sad: but the color ad style are perfect... you can relate, right? ;) TIA!
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  2. ....not sure if this is the cognac you're referring to 12442270_11456772_1000.jpg
  3. C21CD805-BBB6-48AC-BCCF-75BD8DA63ED3.jpeg
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  4. Hi, do you like the size that the other poster shared above?
    I think my local Holts has this one in the longer, slightly rectangular shape!
    They definitely have a nano as well but that will be too small for you!
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  5. Thanks! I’m after the classic model (in the pic) but it’s like hen’s teeth... will check out the rectangular too though.
  6. I know the feeling because I am OBSESSED with getting a kate or camera bag in this cognac/tan colour. Praying desperately they bring this colour out again. Does it tend to be a summer or winter season shade for Saint Laurent?