Good or Bad?

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  1. I'm a poacher too, lol. I wish their plan would extend to Iceland :girlsigh:
  2. I don't think it's very good, IMO; H is becoming less and less exclusive, and I don't think it can do their quality standards much good either.We had a thread about this not long ago.....:tdown:
  3. argh! i don't like this aggressive expansion. how can hermes produce so many more bags with the same number of craftsmen? and how do they increase of the number of skilled craftsmen in a such short period of time?

  4. Yes duna, I remember reading this somewhere. :yes:

    Definitely :nogood:
  5. I agree...I think it doesn't make much sense.
  6. I don't like it either :s One of the reasons I am drawn to the brand is because it is pretty rarely seen, particularly in my area. If that were to change, bleh; I love Hermes, so I'd probably stick with it, but not if quality began to slip. That would be a tragedy!
  7. :hrmm:
  8. Sigh. :sad:Hermes need to slow down ....
  9. Agreed!^^
  10. How do we, as "silent shareholders" voice our opinions to Hermes management? Let's designate a speaker, wonder if HG has some free time and feels like representin'?
  11. bad - i can't see how quality will be maintained with such a rapid expansion. wondering if this will make it easier or harder to get a birkin (since they will be making more birkins, but for more people i'm sure...)
  12. Add me to the "don't like this" list......makes me sad actually.
  13. ^^I agree as well
  14. This is a shame....