good or bad:

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  1. opinions on wearing more than one designer at one time.

    :tup: or :tdown:

  2. More than one logo, no.
    More than one designer is fine.
  3. I think you should wear whatever you like!
    In the UK a complete Burberry is a no no!!Lol!
  4. Agreed with both of the above... I think it all depends on the outfit you put together. But definitely.. two different very visible logos on you IMO makes you look like you don't have style and are just about the logos. and who hasn't seen the tragicness of a lady in a burberry plaid shirt with burberry pants and then I've even seen a lady then top it off with a burberry neck scarf and a burberry hat! Now that is definitely attention grabbing.. but perhaps not the kind of attention a gal wants!!
  5. I try to done it down. When I wear my Chanel sunglasses with the CC's, I try to wear a subdued bag that doesn't blare LOGO all over me. Or vice versa, if I wear a logo bag, I make sure the rest of my look is pretty classic and I let the bag speak for itself.
  6. It depends. It's not cute if you look like you're trying to show off your designer items.
  7. ack, I'm a walking fashion no no! LOL! {but don't care ;)}
    I carry a LV some days and wear my Chanel sunnies EVERY SINGLE DAY! :biggrin:
  8. I do it. I wear what I like and what I think looks good... I have a lot of designer stuff but not a lot of logo stuff so what is the difference between a non-logo designer piece vs. a non logo from Nordstrom?
  9. I tihnk you should have one visible logo in a reasonablbe time at one time or else your a walking bilboard :P

    I like the mix of expensive and non expensive. So if you carry a deisgner bag wear chainstore or understated designer with no visable logo ortrademarks....
    that looks the best IMO
  10. I second that!
  11. oh puh-leese! You couldn't be a fashion no-no if you tried!!! You see, it's all about how your carry yourself too! I see some people who thinks their poo poo doesn't stink. That makes me think they're just out to prove something. Wear your style with confidence!
  12. I always wear my Chanel sunnies with a Chanel bag. And recently, a large Gucci twirl watch - a surprise birthday gift from my parents. Fashion logo victim and loving it, LOL!
  13. alouette:winkiss:

    I am painfully casual, so I don't feel like a victim. . . and don't care much if anyone thinks I look like one! LOL!
    My latest 'uniform' is bermuda shorts in neutrals, tees and flip flops :biggrin:

    YEAH! I'm in good company w/ RO!:woohoo:
  14. hehe me too :yes:
  15. I felt like a twat the day I was carrying a Chanel coco cabas AND a Birkin, but just had too much to carry to the office... but other than that, no issues with mixing labels. I love seeing Hermes scarves on non-H bags!