Good online vintage websites?

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  1. Do they exist?

    I hear a lot of people cite ebay as a good place to get amazing vintage pieces but I just took a quick browse and it was less then great.

    Should I just wait until I come across a vintage store?
  2. You might try - more vintage stuff than you would typically find in the average Goodwill store, and Etsy has a surprisingly good vintage section. It really depends on what you're looking for.
  3. It depends on how much you want to spend. Apparently ioffer DOES have some good vintage dresses. And, there are a number of websites like

    You may just have to spend a while on google browsing around for what you are looking for. There are a large number of shopping sites dedicated to vintage stuff, you'll just have to really look. Some neat stuff is out there!!
  4. is a good one.
  5. hippogorillagiraffe on ebay
    but ebay and etsy are my best bets other than actual thrift stores where its always MUCH cheaper
  7. wow...I never knew goodwill had an online site, there's some amazing deals on there!

    Some great deals: Vera Wang Dress-at $5 Bruno Magli heels- at $6 Lacoste Polo -at $5 italian leather jacket- at $11 vintage clutch- at $5

    Shipping is kind of expensive though :smile: But there's definitely some awesome deals!
  8. Adore Vintage but it's pretty overpriced and most of the things are already sold... so I think eBay is your best bet. :smile:
  9. Decades has a blog which lists their latest designer vintage items for sale; you can communicate with them and buy these pieces via email or over the phone. They have some very beautiful and rare items:
  10. I got my wedding suit, if any of you have seen it, from They have some really pretty pieces in pristine condition.