good online source for trendy, inexpensive jewelry?

  1. what can i say, girls, i love trendy jewelry. i've got a bag addiction to care for, though, so i can't buy the good stuff. i really like the stuff that places like Shopbop have, but i can't pay $300 for stuff i'm gonna wear a handful of times. so do any of you know a good website that carries trendy (but not TOO trendy) jewelry for under $50 per piece? i feel like i've exhausted all my local sources; it's all too expensive or too tacky. i know one of you must have a secret source!
  2. Happy to help, Amanda! I was intrigued by the site's name when I first saw it on grechenscloset. :biggrin:

    Another great indie designers site:

    PS Amanda, since this site is based in Georgia, you might have bought from it before?
    Juju Leroux Cherry Blossom Cluster Leaf Earrings $30
    Juju Leroux Fiesta Linear Earrings $36
    Juju Leroux Carmen Miranda Tassel Earrings
    Juju Leroux Blue Laguna Hammock Earrings $41
    Matilda's Boutique Nile Cluster Earrings $50
    Matilda's Boutique Turquoise Nugget Hoop-la Earrings $39
    Affirmative Accessories Pandora $25-20
    Affirmative Accessories Red Tide anklet $32-70
    Bonnin Designs Wasabi earrings $27-20
    Linda Trent Square Tabs of Arizona Turquoise - Sterling Silver $36
  3. Over here in the UK the best branded cheap jewellery is by a Danish company called Pilgrim. They have some amazing designs, high fashion & fun too. This is their website;

    They have a couple of shops in the states but I'm sure loads of sites would stock them. try googling them!
  4. ParkAvenuePrincess, great recommendation!

    Last year I browsed a couple of sites (UK-based) that sell Pilgrim's jewellery - beautiful stuff.

    Never got around to ordering any though.

    * I am a browser, not a buyer * for now anyway ...
  5. Pilgrim are great! I have a few of their pieces. Really well made & contempory wthout looking cheap.

    I'm sure lots of websites in the US must offer them, or if not, I'd think the UK ones would be happy to ship to the states.

    Its always worth a try!
  6. yes! an Austrailan friend of mine used to order hers from them, until Oz got its own stockists(I always told her she should have been the first! she'd have made a small fortune now!)

    I believe they are good. I've no personal experience of them as quite a few places near me sell Pilgrim.

    I LOVE!! this ring;
  7. That ring is lovely, ParkAvenuePrincess.

    The lady over at planet4creation makes some gorgeous jewellery (especially earrings):
    Birthstone earrings - you can choose any one of their crystals ($10-50, special offer because it's the site's first birthday this month)
    Animal charmer clip $15
    You can clip it to your handbag, knapsack or zipper. Cute!
    Purse charmer clip $15
    (There is a shoe charmer clip as well)
    Snowflake necklace $28-50
    Vitrail crystal earrings $15
    Pacific scuba gear earrings $22 :biggrin:
    Purple dream earrings $26
    Cyndi's angel earrings $36
    Rainbow fluorite earrings $14
    Green froggie earrings ($11-20 special offer)
  8. has some good jewelry. It's mostly Canadian designers. My favorites are Foxy Originals, Imooi and Amy Kovach. Foxy's necklaces are mostly two sided so you kinda get 2 necklaces for the price of one.

    Snazzy Girl's pics kinda suck though so if you want to see some better ones you can check out:
  9. oooh, interesting, cumming is about an hour from my parents' house, i wonder if she stocks in any local places. thanks for all the help, guys! apparently i just wasn't looking hard enough, lol.