Good News!!!!

  1. A few days ago I posted my two black bags from NAP, and asked which I should keep. However, I loved them so much that I am just going to keep them both:yahoo:Is it silly to have two black bags?? I already have a paddy in whiskey, and a Botiker in bone. I want to thank everyone so much for your helpfull thoughts as to which I should keep (I do love my black edith a little more than the bowler;)) I will have to post action shots soon!!
  2. I hate to tell you how many black bags i it's def not silly to have more then one. Black is a color that you can always use.
  3. good for you and so sorry for our wallet but a deal is a deal......

    Please post modelling pictures!

    I too am expecting my new black edith messenger next week. I am anxious and excited to see how it'll look on me!

  4. Oooooh Mona, what happend to the ban:p!!!!!! LOL...
  5. mona I am excited to see how our two black bags compair:nuts:
  6. I want a black Birkin sooo bad!!!! Black goes with everything, 2 is good. 3 even better. 4 to die for.
  7. I love black bags. I have 6 of them. Im on the look out for a black python silverado and a medium black paddy.
    Good for you keeping both. Ive bought 2 bags in the last few months and they were a Black Betty and a Black Ollie by Chloe. A girl can never have enough black :smile:
  8. I would say that black is THE colour that you can have as many of as you like.

    It never dates, it goes with everything and can be worn on all occasions.

    Buy even more black bags, you are only being sensible! (Just make sure that they are superb ones.)
  9. You can never go wrong with black bags - congrats on your two new additions!
  10. I will post pictures as soon as she arrives!
  11. I agree, I don't think having more than one black bag is excessive, either. :smile:
  12. One can never have too many bags, much less too many black bags, we need different sizes, styles, etc.;) Congratulations!!