Good News with Perle

  1. I have been using Perle agenda and cles, not babying, no dustcover for agenda, and hanging cles from mini lin speedy and last two days from Black Lodge GM. No signs of wear or color transfer of any kind to report. Request to see if anyone with Perle has had color transfer???

    LV might have made it's items tougher since lavender and older colors... just curious if anyone has any transfer to report on perle... Thanks!
  2. good news Vee! keep using what you love!:wlae:
  3. No colours/discolouration on my Perle roxy yet :love: Been using it maybe 10 times already? and 4 times with the pomme heart hanging off it all day :smile:
  4. That gives me hope, because I've really wanted to try that combo, but I've been scared to (well I don't have a Perle roxy, but....)
  5. Ohhhhh, I love that Perle roxy, and it's definately on my to die for list....

    thanks for the reply!
  6. wooo hoo! that is great news! I'm getting a pearl cles soon also and I don't plan on babying it either!!!! thanks Veronika!
  7. That's great! I have been thinking the same thing with my framboise cles, it seems 'hardier'.
  8. right on! Perle really brightens everything up!!! Esp mini lin coffee, would also be beautiful with dune...Not too mention framboise!
  9. What a good news. I may get an agenda or a cless later. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Good news~ I am so scare to use my perle heart purse, because I was worrying about the colour transfer as well!!!
  11. Yay! Thanks for great news, Vee. Now I can order the Vernis Perle cles and the Mini Lin Dune items.
  12. wow, that's great to hear! maybe I can now finally get the courage to take my framboise agenda out of its dustcover while I'm carrying it around; I've kept it on since I got it (in October!)
  13. glad to hear so ... now i feel like gettting something perle as well LOL
  14. :yahoo: Thats excellent news! Thanks for being brave. :flowers:
  15. to DIE For combo pink, plus the perle cles with your azure noe,,,mmmm mmmm:drool: