Good News!!! We are in ESCROW!!!!!!

  1. :yahoo::nuts: Here is my new PARADISE !:nuts::yahoo:

    We've been accepted and our escrow is only 30 days!! Hubba Hubba!!! I have some pictures that the realtor took to share with ya'll! I'm SO excited!!!
    R2043531.jpg R2043531_P03.jpg R2043531_P02.jpg R2043531_P01.jpg R2043531_P04.jpg
  2. Wow!!! Congratulations!!!!! I wish you the best of luck! That place is stunning!!! Looking at that pool made me want to jump right inthere, it is sooo hot here in Los Angeles!!!!! Where is this beauty located?
  3. Wow, that's gorgeous Chag !
  4. Beautiful!!! Where is this piece of heaven located?
  5. dont want to sound stooooooooopid but what is escrow? :s! looks beautiful place though
  6. Chag! Hope it all goes smoothly! That house looks stunning! Congratulations!
  7. BEAUTIFUL! I wanna know too! LOL! Where is that?
    Is that a home or a vacay home?
  8. Gor-geous. I think we found the new PF "safe house" where new purse mommies go into hiding after a "big purchase." Congrats.
  9. Wow, what an amazing house. You are so lucky. We so do not have houses like that in the UK. We are lucky to be 20 feet away from the house next door :lol:
    Oh what I wouldnt give to live in a large country where land is available :love:
    Where abouts is your gorgeous new home :flowers:
  10. It is in Calabasas California. It is on 2.4 acres in a gated community. I will work on the purse safe haven LOL!! It has to fit all my pretties first heheeee!!!
  11. Escrow is where they have accepted the offer you give them for their home. Then you give them a deposit (huge!) and start the process of having the bank draw out the papers and transfers of money.
  12. Ur not kidding! We hit 120!!! And if no one has yet seen Al Gores movie "An Inconvient Truth" GO SEE IT!!! It will tell you exactly why this is happening to us!
  13. In the third photo (you can't see it) there is a water fall that runs the entire length of the pool. And a water slide. Kids are gonna go nuts over that (they don't know about the house yet) the spa is at the very end farthest from the house and it also has in front a fountain with a pool that is covered by a bridge.
  14. ^Oh, I know, my mom works in Hidden Hills, and let me tell you it is so hot!!! She said it hit 115 like on Thursday or Friday! I know. Wow, I love houses in Calabasas, and Hidden Hills! That's were we are going to buy our next house! Once again, good luck!! You can have a party!!
  15. Beautiful home! Congrats and good luck