Good news: the right buyer came along


Oct 5, 2009
I've been posting mostly whiny stories here lately about the Bay, so I thought I'd follow up with one good one, at least!

A bit ago I posted about when to relist an item that a Bonz bidder hadn't paid for. As expected, the buyer never did pay. I didn't wait for the 7 days to be up- I worked with Bonz to cancel the transaction and relisted on both sites with a fixed price obo.

While mine was "sold" but not paid for, the only other bag like mine sold, so when I relisted, mine was the only one available. I immediately got a bunch of watchers, and 6 lowball bids (i.e. about 1/3 of the asking price.) I was getting pretty discouraged by the time my one decent offer was still only about 2/3 of the asking price. I counter-offered to that person, but they declined.

A couple days later, someone made an offer just $25 below my asking price. I accepted, they paid within just a few hours, and sent a nice note saying they were so happy I'd accepted their offer because they'd been looking for the bag forever. I shipped, it was signed for, and she's left glowing positive feedback.

Totally worth it to wait for the right buyer. We're BOTH happy. Woohoo!


Girly Gear Head
Dec 10, 2010
Glad the right buyer came along for you! You're happy with the price she paid, and she sounds thrilled that she was able to get the bag she'd been searching for! It's nice to read a story like this in this subforum. :smile:


Aug 15, 2011
Congratulations on your sale! I believe everything has to do with the right timing. I have seen people paid a lot more money for used items similar to the ones I sold; and mine were brand new with tags. From time to time, I have buyers that don't pay, but when I re-listed the items I got more money for it. Never get discouraged, there is someone out there who wants this particular item.
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Jan 23, 2012
Congrats and thanks for a positive story. I listed something on CL and got tons of lowball offers, although never 1/3 of listing (are these people crazy?), and after a month finally got someone serious. I think the serious buyers know what an item is worth and will offer a fair price.