Good News! Prices at Boston NM Chanel not going up until Saturday!!

  1. woo hoo!! Went to chanel at neiman's in copley place, and my SA informed me that they are not increasing their prices until saturday, to give their customers a chance to decide what they want to buy!! I scored a GST with silver HW which I will post later :yahoo::yahoo:

    Anyways, here is the stock that they still had as of last night 7pm :yes::
    Caviar Jumbo flaps: black, white, gold and silver HW
    Caviar medium/large flaps: black, brown, gold and silver HW
    Medallion totes
    Grand shopping tote: black, gold and silver hw (only 2 left!!)
    Petite shopping tote: black, gold hw

    Call and ask for Rita, she was super nice! Here is the number for Neiman's: 617-536-3660

    Happy shopping girls!!!