good news neverfull damier and hampstead azur

  1. hi saw these new pics excited:yahoo:
  2. I am excited now! I now have something to save up for as a birthday gift to myself.
  3. I love the hampsted, it looks so good in azur!
  4. I see alot of damier that i can buy myself as a birthday gift in november! :tup:
  5. the neverful in damier looks really pretty.
  6. dillema i always luv monograms shd i get neverfull in damier?
  7. wow! thanks for the pic. theres some great stuff there
  8. I keep looking and looking at a Neverfull MM... But can't decide if I like it or not! The side ties make me kinda not like it. But part of me does. I have a feeling I might end up getting one in either damier azur when it comes out or the mono...
  9. Yeah I'm not crazy about the Neverfull. I think it has an open top (clasp closure) which wouldn't work for me.

    But it does look great on some of you TPFr's!
  10. I cant wait for them to come out.
  11. yay, new stuff for my bday month! :smile:
  12. Are the prices in US $?
  13. thanks for sharing, i'm very excited too
  14. I like the neverfull, but it is so close to the hampstead I I won't be getting that...wish there was something really new out.
  15. I also noticed on that page it lists a new color Mini Lin croisette. What color is that?