GOOD NEWS!!! I wasnt RObbed!!!!!

  1. :yahoo:Hey guys i just wanted you to hear the good news i received yesterday. WEll like earlier this month my mom told me my pap was stolen that one of the maids took it. BUt she called me yesterday and told me she found it in a drawer squished YAY!!!!!! SO she was mistaken. ( the maids did steal some of my moms jewelry ) But not my Vintage Pap!!!!! My mom is coming to visit me on sunday Mar 4 so yeah i will reunite with my bag... oh and thanks to all of u for giving hopes. And i did buy myself something since i thought the bag was stolen My Agenda. So i guess i got two good things out of this. Kisses to all . MUA :love:
  2. Argh... sorry about your moms jewelry... but glad you got your Pap back :yes:
  3. Glad to hear you will be reuniting with you bag! Poor thing was stuffed in a drawer - :push:. A squished bag is definitely better than no bag!

    Sorry to hear about your mother's jewelry being nabbed. Having strangers (maids) in my house would bother me to no end.
  4. That's wonderful news! but sorry about the jewelry :'(
    We had a maid who stole loads of stuff from us years ago..we caught her and got back alot of the stuff. but thank god we've been blessed with a good family now. 2 sweet sisters.
  5. Congrats on finding your papillon. There is a reason why I dont get maids :smile:
  6. So glad you found it, but sorry about the jewelry!!
  7. Well glad to hear you pap wasn't stolen BUT so sorry about the jewelry
  8. Congrats on finding your bag :smile: ..... but very sorry to hear about the jewelry. :sad:
  9. Congrats on getting your pap back ~ I'm sure you two will never be parted again! :yes:
  10. So glad the Pap isn't gone!
  11. You better believe it! as soon as i have it in my arms im using it. Till i get my Speedy on my birthday. Keep a close eye on it .
  12. thats wonderful news.:yahoo:
  13. Yay! Glad you papillon is safe and sound. Thank you for the kind PM about my trip to Tegus.
  14. Wonderful news! Sorry about your mom's jewelry though.
  15. No problem its always great to hear someone went to my country and had a good expierence ;)