Good news! I quit smoking! Bad news: I've had a CONSTANT headache since!

  1. Arggg so I was a smoker back when and quit about 2 years ago cold turkey. I started having anxiety in around late October/early November and bummed a cigerette from someone - next thing you know I'm bumming one a day - you know how it goes. I decide to stop, and am told my grandfather has died - which brought a new group of stresses into my life - so I bought a pack - and for about a month (or 2..) I smoked. About 72 hours ago I stopped smoking. It wasn't planned - that's how I am, lol. I just didn't smoke that day, and then when I realized it'd been 24 hours and was really craving, I just told myself there was no turning back. But day 2 of no smoking I got a RAGING headache that seems resistant and non-responsive to my normal advil liquigels. What gives??? I had one the day before yesterday, all day yesterday (excedrine finally kicked it - but it's so strong and makes me feel icky that I hate taking it) - but when I woke up this morning, it was back again! Is this a symptom to quitting smoking? Like a withdrawal effect, perhaps?
  2. YAY!!!:yahoo: I am so proud of you!!!!! This is going tot be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself. I am sure the withdrawals will be tough, but not for too much longer, just hang in there!!

  3. Not sure if it is a symptom but hang in there! You are doing a great thing.
  4. Sounds like nicotine withdrawal. Drink plenty of water, do some exercise like walking and hang in there! This will be the best thing you've ever done!
  5. As the saying goes "never give up giving up" i gave up smoking 20 cigarettes a day and it was tough and there were days when i felt more ill than the days i had smoked . Now though there are sooooo many reasons why it is soooo much better to stay away from cigarettes (my skin is shiny and healthy rather than dull and grey, my bank balance is even more healthy, i smell better and can't stand the smell of people who have been smoking and that is just a few oh and not forgetting the fact i can breath better) now let me try and think of a reason to smoke.................................. there is not one reason i can think of :shrugs:So stay strong and remind yourself why its best not to smoke :yes:
  6. Awesome that you're quitting again :tup:

    Re the headache: drink plenty of water and treat your body with vitamins, freshly squeezed OJ, and healthy stuff like that! Your body needs strength now to fight the withdrawal symptoms.

    And I am going to say it again: it's great you're doing this!!! :yahoo:
  7. Today was the first day of 4 that was really rough on me. My SO is on his "last pack" - he insists... we started at the same time (stress) - and he swears this is his last pack... I believe him. But today as he was smoking one I CRAVED it! I even asked for a drag :push: - but he said no, and I'm thankful - I was weak, but he was strong for me. Arggg
  8. Keep it up! It's one of the best things you can do for yourself.
  9. ahhh, you have a good SO there! A couple of my friends did this to me also when I had stopped smoking... I loved them so much for it!

    You've done this before, so technically, we don't need to remind you of this, but I'll do it anyway: It's gonna get easier!! and also: Well done so far :tup:
  10. Congrats! Hang in there!
  11. I think this is like, day 6 of not even having a DRAG of a cigerette - I'm so over it :p thanks all! hehehe :p:
  12. Congrats on quitting! It is definitely hard to quit smoking. Maybe your headaches are a result of tension? My cousin and I just quit smoking and the only side effects we're having are cravings. I would definitely go see a dr and see where it is stemming from.
  13. Hey, congrats honey! I'm planning on quitting January 1st. I've smoked for 36 years, and it's draining on my health now, not to mention my pocketbook!

    When I've quit before, headaches were never a problem, but everyone is different! As been said, drink lots of water, get the nicotine outta you!
  14. I'm SOOO sorry that you have a headache but so proud of you.

    Same thing happens to me when I dont have a soda with caffeine every few hours. Heaven help me if I miss a whole day- MIGRAINE!

    Those headaches are the worst! I hope you feel better soon!!
  15. Hang in there! I have so many friends who have quit and it ain't pretty but the benefits of quitting are far better than continuing to smoke!