Good news for web surfers @ work!

  1. right, but judges might use that ruling when ruling elsewhere on a similar case.
  2. This is crazy although I do surf too. Its goofing off no matter how we look at it.
  3. To check weather, news etc. on a break or during some slow time is okay with me. I found that a few of my co-workers when I worked in the office would literally spend hours surfing the net and not get any work done. Those are the kinds of people that give the occasional surfer a bad name IMO.
  4. I'd have to agree. It's also disrespect imo. You're using a company's computer for work, not for your own amusement.
  5. I agree - I'm talking about intermittent checking on and off...not hours :smile: For sure that's violating company time, but I see no problem on your downtime being on the internet.