Good news for tPF - I went shopping!

  1. As the forum kept growing and growing, I was forced to turn off a couple of features in order to decrease the server load and keep things swift.

    In order to reenable features like instant thread view updates, showing of similar threads, etc. I talked to my buddy Rob at our host Jupiter Hosting and ordered a new dedicated database server (I :censor: love you man, thanks for the deal).

    Once the 1950 box arrives from Dell in about a week, we'll be running two dedicated machines for this site alone. :graucho:

    For those who care:
    2 x Dual Core Xeon 3.2 GHz, 4 GB Ram, 2x36 GB SAS 15K RPM (RAID1)

    I am really excited.

    Here's to future progress, blowing more money on bags and the upcoming millionth post on tPF! :drinks:
  2. Oh, thanks Vlad! I have no idea what any of it means, but it sounds fantastic! Thank Rob for us, too!
  3. LOL I don't really understand technology either but thanks for keeping it running!
  4. Means nothing to me.....but I'm glad you're happy with your new toy from Rob!

    Sorry! :shame:
  5. Thanks Vlad!!!:party:
  6. LOL I have no idea what any of that tech stuff means either.. but YAY!! Thanks Vlad!!! :flowers:
  7. I am so excited, I messed up Rob's name. :roflmfao:
  8. I have no clue what that stuff is..but it sounds good!!LOL! Thanks again for all your dedication rock!
  9. It sounds great...:shrugs: But I honesly don't have any idea what you're talking about with all this techology stuff. I'm glad you're happy though.
  10. Thanks Vlad!
  11. that's a sh :censor: t load of ram :wtf: :wlae:
  12. I'm another clueless chick but thanks for making tpf wonderful!
  13. Okay, I didn't understand a single word of that, but thank you! The Purse Forum is a great place.
  14. Awesome Vlad!!! Here's to a smooth set-up!!!!
  15. Thanks Vlad for all of your hard work. It's a great forum and you do good work! And say thanks to Rob as well for the hook-up!
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