Good news for tPB & tPF...

  1. ...but what could it be? Stay tuned! :graucho:
  2. I know, I know!! Pick me!!!!! :yahoo: :upsidedown:
  3. ahhh! I love cryptic posts!

  4. Oooo..please tell!!! Please!!

  5. I am such a tease.
  6. The biggest tease EVER !

    Free Vuitton bags for all right ? :graucho:
  7. Tell us tell us!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Don't leave us hanging~~~
  8. :yahoo: YaY!
  9. Megs tell us! (shh, we won't tell Vlad you told us ;) ) hehe
  10. Free LV?!?! I should be first in line then!!!!!!!!!! :roflmfao:
  11. You guys are always up to something:P
  12. Discounts???? ;)
  13. Tell me! Tell me! I hate suspense!

    btw, love your new avatar, Vlad!
  14. It is now the number one visited blog/forum on the web??!!
  15. Google wants to buy it?
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