good news for Toronto "Dentelle" lovers

  1. I was in Toronto LV yesterday, and after the awkward (for my SA) conversation about the permanent lack of heart coin purses, we moved on to Dentelle.

    so the line is in, but because the launch isn't until the 25th, she couldn't sell me what I had waitlisted for, the gold ludlow.

    I saw some pieces (the ludlow in gold, and another larger wallet in silver), and any disbelievers, take note: it is unbelievable how the LV gurus made this line. somehow, they've stictched right onto the canvas, but the stitching doesn't come through on the other side of the canvas!

    MAGIC, I tell ya! : )

    my SA took all my information, so that when the 25th rolls around, she can just ring in the purchase, and the ludlow, ladies and gentlemen, will be mine!

    HA! score one for the team!

    honestly, I would encourage all of you to go in and see some pieces as soon as you can. you will be amazed!

    I think, to a certain extent, we LV lovers share this mentality: you see a piece in the look book, and you are unfazed. you see the piece in real life... well, then you go "apeshit" (as one of my friends would likely say).


    have a great day, everyone!
  2. Hmm, very interesting info. Thanks. I'm still on the fence with this line. Must see it in person....
  3. well i'm glad to finally hear one good thing from a person who saw the dentelle line IRL. everything i've been hearing so far has been really bad but i still want a speedy:drool:
  4. i am very excited about the dentelle line. i cant wait until the cles comes out
  5. thxs for information..
    i would love to see soon soon
  6. Do you know what the price of the ludlow is retail ? Interesssteed ! :yes:
  7. hey ayla,

    on the form I filled out (for my SA to ring in the purchase on the launch date), she put the approximate price (including taxes) as $360. it's such a cute (yet practical) little wallet!

    keisha at LV Toronto is very nice and helpful (you won't get any attitude from her). give her a call if you want any more information on the collection!

    : )

    have a great day!

    p.s. the number is 1-416-968-3993 (I have it memorized, which is bad!)


  8. slightly off-topic, but sirenized, your niece is SO cute!
    you have obviously shown her the ropes! ; )

  9. great infoo!!! thanks!
  10. on the vuitton site there is a pic of one of the dentelle bags and I am not feeling it...too lacy...good description but, not me..maybe another one
  11. I really love love to see IRL before making any decision, but I can't.

    The LV store nearby is approx 3 hours from my place, so I have to have them ship to me ...:sad:

    I hope it will be nice as you said.. :shame:
  12. nice to know! thanks! but I thought the lace was silk printed and not real stitches...... ??? :confused1:
  13. no it says on the webiste that its embroidered with lurex thread:smile:
  14. thanks:yes:
  15. Ohhh !! Niceee.. thanks ! :graucho: