Good News for High Heel Girls!

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  1. yayyyyyyyy! but my feet still hurt at the end of the day, boo hoo
  2. ooooh, glad to read that! I get told all the time by just about everybody that the shoes I wear are going to ruin my feet.
  3. good to know..

    great article..
  4. you and me both Zophie! I am passing this on to every lady I know lol
  5. good read! thanks for the article. i'm going to send it to my gfs aaand my bf since he's always saying that i will feel the effects of wearing heels later on. lol
  6. i love to wear heels.. but I consider to rest my feet by using a flat sandals or slipper when my feet got tired in wearing heels..
  7. yea the part this article is severly overlooking is that women who wear 3" heels are not on their feet all day. chances are if you are on ur feet, your wearing low heels and/or flats. that better explains the percentages.....
  8. interesting article.

    IMO, I think what causes most of the problems for women who like to wear heels is that they insist on wearing the wrong size.

    why in fact, some people will buy shoes just to have them no matter if they are too big or too small. and that can hurt you after a while.
  9. Cool!

  10. I think that's why my gramma's feet were all mashed up. She had big feet and shoved them into pointy shoes that were too small.

    I wear heels all the time to work but I generally am not on my feet too much and I take them off as soon as I get home. On weekends I usually wear flat shoes unless I have somewhere to go that I'll dress up more.
  11. Hate to say it, but they're not entirely wrong.

    Thankfully, after years of wearing *moderately* high heels, I do not have any knee problems, but I have plantar fasciatis, which prevents me from wearing any flat shoes without experiencing pain after a few hours.
  12. :party::drinkup::party:

    At last!!