Good news for Hermes lovers

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  1. Last night I did a lil' 30 mile bike tour to Cologne, just to discover that the Hermes store across from the Dom was closed and its windows covered with wooden planks. :weird: :cry:

    Fortunately though, the orange sign on the door said that they are extending and renovating their store, in order to serve the customer better in the future. What does that mean? More bags!

    When Megs and I visited the store in August, they had only a limited number of bags available. But if they are completely redoing their store, that means that they should offer more exciting products... at least we hope!

    Get your CCs ready for July '06! :lol:
  2. Did you happen to see the new Hermes bag featured in this month's Vogue (US Vogue)? It's called the Paris Bombay bag- I loved it so much that I called the Hermes boutique in NYC to find out how much it costs. Well, the good news is is that it costs less than a Birkin, but it's still $5200! Of course, there is already a wait list but they will be getting a fair amount throughout the US relatively soon.
    I only wish I had $5000 to drop on a bag!
  3. ooo, if it means the birkin in the size and color I want is there, I'm :nuts: I am sooo desperate for that bag. I've been seeing a lot of Kellys, but haven't come across the birkin yet. My SA said that they come in more frequently than most people think and its just luck of the draw. So I guess I just have to keep my fingers crossed :lol:
  4. Are there usually waiting lists for Kelly's as well? What's the price range on Kelly's?
  5. i know i will seem really stupid :blink: i really like the hermes bags But the Q is whats the difference between kelly and birkin? can some1 please clarify it 4 me:love:

  6. I think Kellys start in the mid $5000s, thats what I've seen for the 28cm bags. There isn't a waitlist at any of the Honolulu boutiques, and they don't do special orders either. However, I've heard that some places might, or might have more recently :biggrin:
  7. The shapes of the two bags aredifferent, but they both come in a variety of sizes, leather, hardware, stitching...however, the Kelly comes with a shoulder strap. People generally choose a more refined, thinner leather for the Kelly as it looks better if it's more structured, where as with the Birkin, people generally use a textured, thicker leather.

    I don't think there is a list for the Kelly; however, each SA has a number of slots for which they can special order bags...which mean you can choose anything you want!
  8. I saw that bag and was wondering about the price. I love the shape.:love:

  9. Do all of the SOs get fulfilled? My SA was saying that people have waited 3 years and then gotten told they can't make the bag etc :sad: Does the Hermes you go to guarantee the time frame in which it'll be complete? I really wouldn't mind having a red lizard Kelly in the 32cm :biggrin:
  10. My SA always gives me a timeframe and has always delivered before date, but no they do not guarantee a date for delivery. I think that if you choose a leather that is not too special, it should not be a problem.

    Have you been able to place an order for the bag?
  11. ^^^Haven't really pursued it because I can't place an SO for the birkin :sad: I'm kind of unsure if I'd want to place an SO for the lizard Kelly, only because I'd be really sad and disappointed if I waited that long and could not get the bag. An SA that I didnt know told me that they don't do special orders, so I didn't really check with my SA which is probably stupid now that I think of it :lol:

    I wonder if the red lizard would be possible in a reasonable amount of time, even if its a Kelly I might be satisfied with that until I stumble onto a birkin :biggrin:
  12. I just SO'd a Kelly in January, SA called me to ask me what I wanted, so for fact that SO exists. Each SA only gets a handful of SO's for the entire year, so maybe he had already promise others the slot. Not sure if you shopped with your SA, but if not, you have to start buying Hermes stuff... that's how I met my SA. After which, I just let her know what I want and she calls me when she puts order in...but she recently working with new SA...not sure if I will continue to be so pampered.
  13. ^^^I've bought mostly gifts with this SA, mostly small stuff like planners etc since I've been waiting for a birkin. I'm not sure what else there would be to buy if not for a birkin or a Kelly. I'm not really a fan of the Bolide or the Garden Party or any of the other bags in there. Not sure its worth biting the bullet and buying a few bags I don't like just to get on the good side of the SA. Hopefully a birkin comes in while I'm there soon, he said that the blue jean 30 is probably what comes in the most frequently and I suppose that would be fine. Then maybe that purchase plus the other purchases would inspire him to put me on his list :lol:
  14. I found purseforum two months ago, when I was convinced that I needed a Chanel lambskin flap bag. At the time, I was still trying to convince myself that $2K for a bag was worth it.

    Well, I'm still not sure if an easy-to-scuff-and-tear lambskin bag is worth $2K, but I've become convinced that almost any Hermes bag is worth its price. It's a bit hard for me to come to that point, as I'm old enough to remember a time when they all cost just a fraction of what they cost now.

    As I keep mentioning, I'm in love with the Raisin Vibrato Birkin, and although it's not at all the sort of thing I'd ordinarily choose for a first bag, I feel as if it won't be offered for long and I must pursue it before it's gone.

    The problem is, I don't have a pre-established relationship with an Hermes boutique. I live 250 miles from the closest one in Chicago and think I've only bought a tie, scarf, and annual calendar for my mother's agenda there, and that was at least three years ago. Of course, I've been an excellent customer at NM-Troy for the past ten years, and all the SAs know me. But do they have any clout over what can be bought or ordered? Perhaps the Personal Shoppers in Dallas do? I have had a good relationship with one or two there.

    What's my best strategy?
  15. From what I know from Hermes store manager local here and he said;
    At Hermes factory they have 400 employees working on making their bags that's why all bags are so limited each one strickly handmade and will took them 48-72 hours.
    Each store still have limit how many bags they can get from factory.
    Next year at my city Hermes will open another store to get more inventory
    for good customer so the manager can pull and trade bag between local store.
    I just hope you can see more bag at your local store not dishes and cups or scraf. Good luck!