good news for girls without purple reissues!

  1. So i was just scouring eBay and guess what?! there are purple reissues on there already! one of them i posted on the authenticate this thread already and the other seems legit, but still probably better to post it on the thread to be sure. the prices for both are reasonable too, im surprised myself
  2. that one is the one that was authenticated already, i don't want to post the other one until its authenticated as well...
  3. Wow, that IS a good price. Doesn't the 225 retail for $2,425 + tax? If they sell at their starting price they aren't even covering their eBay/PayPal fees. They'll lose money.:shrugs:
  4. hmmmm... that is suspicious isn't it?

    unless that person got it as a gift, then they can only make money.
  5. thats what i thought, but it looks all great and technically if tax is about 8 percent, the seller could make about $100 so im assuming he or she probably got it as a gift? or maybe the seller got two of the same purses and decided to sell one?:shrugs: well hopefully a tpfer wins it cuz its still gorgeous, its the seller's loss! :p
  6. ah, don't forget eBay + paypal will gouge the seller 10% of the final selling price. (about 6% goes to ebay if you consider listing fee + gallery picture fee + BIN fee + final value fee and paypal charges sellers about 3% of the total cost including shipping for using paypal to obtain money from buyers.) if the seller gets the starting price only, he/she will lose money for sure based on the retail price alone.

    i doubt the seller will make money off this unless he/she got it tax free or as a gift (or got 2 bags where one was a gift and one was purchased, hence the receipt).

    definitely the seller's loss unless it sells at the BIN price! :p
  7. agreed! shopping247 oh well still a win for those tpfers without the bag =]
  8. :p
  9. Feedback score is pretty bad for this seller!!
  10. i bet the seller doesn't usually sell handbags or one of those annoying resellers that snatch up all the handbags from real handbag lovers like us and then sell it at ridiculous prices. but the feedback score is not bad just that this seller has not sold too much or bought too much
  11. Well, sure, but that's what resellers do, no?
  12. so true layla oh well, we just have to be quicker than them
  13. i think there are 2 kinds of resellers out there:

    1) ones who snatch every piece out there and horde them away from folks like us in order to jack up the prices and sell them on ebay,

    2) ones who bought the bags for themselves to use but need to sell later on (used or not used...if it has been sitting in the closet too long not seeing the light of day) to get money, not necessarily to make a profit but certainly to get close to breaking even as possiblel, or

    3) ones who have buyer's remorse but decide to return the bag after the returnable date, thus having the need to sell the bag for close to the retail price as possible.

    I've done both 2) and 3) before, with 3) not being so much fun. But it was better to lose a couple hundred than to have $2k sit in the closet.
  14. haha poor thing but its ok u've got newer and better beautiful bags now =] i've definitely been a number 2 before
  15. I saw a few reissues at Hirshleifer's in Manhasset on Monday. I know they had a dark silver because that is the one I was looking at. There were a couple of other colors but I can't remember what they were. If anyone is interested give them a call to see what they have.