Good news for Famiglia lovers!!

  1. I was just checking pulse's site for the new print release calendar & it says Famiglia has arrived on 6/27... do the happy dance Famiglia lovers!
  2. Well, I do look forward to seeing it on more bags. Still think I'll wait it out till it goes on sale LOL.
  3. yeah, i've only seen it on that scuola from the eBay auction & on the bag on the japan lesportsac site. someone ask Casey to take some pics & post em up!

    i think i want something small just cuz i want certain characters, but i think i still need to see the print on something first.
  4. WooHoo!:yahoo: I emailed Casey to find out the status of my order and it's been shipped. So, maybe come Friday, I'll not only have the 2nd gen OP porta waiting for me when I come home from work, but also my latest Zucca (that's #11! :choochoo:). What an awesome way to start the weekend!

    They only got the 1st half of their shipment in, so I am still on the waiting list for the denaro.:sad: I'm not too worried about that...I'll be able to get one off eBay or another store if Pulse doesn't get any extras in.
  5. Once everyone has received their famiglia bags, I would like to hear opinions on the print!
  6. :hrmm: maybe I should check the malls again... too bad I'm busy this weekend
  7. i wanna check the malls...but i'm lazy. and its only famiglia. blahhhh -___- maybe during the mall doesnt usually get the new prints in til about a week after pulse gets their shipment in anyways...
  8. Well, Casey said it was out in the mail today, so I should *hopefully* have my Zucca by Friday. I was encouraged by the looks of the Scuola that was on eBay a week or 2 ago, even with the over-exposed looking pictures. I'll take a picture of mine when it comes in and let everyone know my thoughts. I was going to get a Ciao also, but decided maybe I'd better see the Zucca irl first and decide then if I want any other bags in that print. I don't mind the circles so much...I'm just wondering on the background color.:shrugs: Not a big brown or yellow fan.
  9. Definitely nicer than I thought, but still not digging the dodo brown color.
  10. humm... u know that ciao ciao doesnt show the entire print... how large do u think it actually is. I kind of want to go hunting for the perfect placement now in person since there's different combinations of characters near each others
  11. ::groan, scream, die::

    I was really thinking I wouldn't like this bag so much so a small one would suffice...

    And since I have my anal retentive system in place of ONLY one bag in any given style, I may just have to get the Ciao as opposed to a Bambino like I was hoping to get away with...

    Unless, of course, I plunge myself back into shuffling prints/styles around...
  12. I think I wouldn't mind a ciao at all...
  13. yeah i was thinking about a ciao since its so small...
    and i only want certain characters: (see photo below, i blocked off the ones i wanted in yellow) If i can find a ciao like that, id be in heaven!
  14. :lol: i agree!