Good news for fake haters!!!!!

  1. I just saw a story on the news out of Orlando (am trying to find a link for it). This past weekend the police busted up a counterfeit ring selling fake Coach, LV, Burberry, and others. I think a few hundred thousand dollars were involved and 9 people were arrested. YAY!!!:wlae: :yahoo:
  2. Good!
  3. Yah, that's really great! :yahoo:
    Thanks for sharing.
  4. That's great.
  5. There is a Santa Claus, afterall
  6. ugh, I wish they would bust the mall I work at! there are two stores selling fakes.
  7. malls can get away with selling fakes?!?!?! that is HORRIBLE!!!!! you should call in to their tip line and maybe something would get done to stop them.
  8. Can you also call in and report those little islands/stands in (some) malls that sell fakes... Or just stores that sell fakes?
  9. I am wondering the same thing.
  10. My mom heard a couple days ago on the news that a group of people got busted in virginia for selling authentic bags for cheaper. They were apparently stealing bags from Coach, LV, & some others when the delivery guy was taking boxes into the store. I think they had about $30,000.00 worth of goods when they were caught. But atleast they got :busted !!! They are going to serve a hefty time in jail. haha if that makes any sense.
  11. omg...stealing the bags from the delivery guy!!! the deserve to serve a LONG time in prison!
  12. Amazing that shops in a mall can get away with selling fakes! Glad to hear those people were caught.
  13. I know one of our local malls had 2 stores with fakes, the "inspired" ones were bad enough but these were replicas. Haven't been to that mall in awhile, I am curious as to whether they are still there.
  14. When I was in the mall a few days ago at the coach boutique there was a kiosk in the mall just outside the coach doors and they were selling fakes! insane.. that sparked a conversation with the friend I was with I explained to her that when people buy fakes all they are doing is supporting the drug trade and terroists. Maybe not the ones in the mall but the others out there. She thought I was being ridicilous and shouldnt believe everything I hear.. Yikes! I just don't get some people. I asked her if she would buy a fake Sony laptop, she said no... then why is it ok for purses!!
  15. A big ring of fake sellers were busted and are on trial in the DC area right now:

    They've been all over the malls here in northern VA for ages. I'm glad someone was finally able to shut them down.