Good news for Canadians!

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  1. Holtrenfrew is going to start carrying Rebecca Minkoff! This is the first season ever!

    I went over there yesterday and they only had one bag but the SA informed me that they will be getting more in shortly.
  2. Cool! Thanks for the update, atarzz. Which bag did you see and how much was it? Oh, and which city are you in? So many questions!:nuts:
  3. Yay! I wonder what the price points are going to be like?
  4. YAY!! Now we can try on the styles before buying! Whooo hoooo!!
  5. This might give me a reason to get my butt out to Holts every now and then.
  6. It will be really nice to get to try styles on instead of blindly buying and hoping they work for you, but I think I will continue to buy the majority of my bags off bonanzle just because there are so many great deals and I can't afford to pay full-price. I'm very curious to hear what Holts decides to charge... I'd guess it'll come out about even to the cost of getting bags imported unfortunately, and Holts doesn't have that great of sales either.

    I think in the Canadian Minkettes thread it was mentioned this was just for Toronto and Vancouver, is that correct?
  7. Sounds great, I hope they carry a lot of styles. Last year, I couldn't buy Balenciaga First because they didn't carry it. I was disappointed. Oh well, being able to try it on before buying it is always good. Thanks for the news!
  8. To answer my own question, I checked the Holts website and they only have RM listed as being available at 2 Toronto locations and Vancouver.

    Time to plan a mass pilgrimage to these locations, ladies!
  9. I would still probably buy online, as Holts would only have newer styles. But its nice that there is an option to buy in Toronto now.
  10. I was just wondering if any of you knew of any stores in the Toronto area that had RM. I like to be able to touch the bags and try them on before I buy them..
  11. The only place which regularly sells RM is Holt Renfrew, which will be at full price.
    RM does pop up in downtown Toronto Winners locations from time to time, but its hit or miss.

    I would say go to Holts to try on, and order online to get a better price.

    That being said, I have bought all my RMs from Bonanzle and Ebay because of the selection and price.
  12. I was shopping on Queen St west a few weeks ago and I came across a store that sells RM bags. I can't believe I forget the name now. They only had a few bags though.
  13. It is called Love of Mine boutique. It is located on 781 Queen Street West.
  14. Augustina on 138 Cumberland St does sell them, but the selection is very limited.
  15. Hi Ladies,
    Glad that Holts is getting RM but I would be careful of the price. I agree with Krysja try it on and buy it on line if possible. As an example, Holts quoted me $1900.00 CAD for a Balenciaga and I got the same bag in the color I wanted in the US for $1500.00 US... The exchange rate was also really great at the time! I guess what I;m trying to say is shop around before spending more than you need to!