Good News Cl Very Prives

  1. The CL boutique is getting Very Prives in PEACOCK!!!!! They are exclusive i just went on the waitlist. The only thing is the heel is 70mm which is great for girls like me who wear 3 inch heels max.
    So call Elizabeth at the Horatio location (212) 255 1910
  2. What does it look like? Peacock feathers?
  3. Oh hahaha no no they are patent leather in a peacock turq color
  4. Angelie - do you have a photo or a better idea of what they will look like? I would love to see!
  5. no i'm sorry i don't all i know is that they are patent very prives with a 3 inch heel and the color is like a teal/turq shade. I love color so i had to put my name on the list
  6. That sounds DELICIOUS!!!! I can't wait 'til you get them to see pics.

    Do you have a date to expect them?
  7. she said abt 2 weeks but if not then late aug
  8. Do you know what the peep toe colour is? Is it gold? That would look so nice!

    Maybe the colour would look similar to this:

    Picture from eBay

  9. i'll call and ask tomorrow abt the color and the peeptoe
  10. If they were suede, I would be all over them!
  11. Gosh they sound lovely. I would love to see the color before ordering them.
  12. well elizabeth wasn't in today so i will call with questions tomorrow. I will keep everyone updated
  13. ooh, sounds gorge! yes, keep us posted please ;)