Good News, Canada!

  1. I went to the Coach website 1 minute ago, and the site homepage says they are now shipping to Canada! So congrats to those now able to order from the website! Here's the FAQ page:
  2. OOO...looks like the bag price will be charged in US dollars!!! Tax is the same percentage as bought locally in Canada. The duty is about an extra 10% of the bag price.
  3. in that case they should lower the prices in canadian stores too!
  4. Good news!
  5. I just looked at a $358 bag and shipping to Canada came to $22 and duty was an extra $36. I wish they would just let customs take care of assessing any duty as they often don't.

    However, this still works out to be slightly cheaper than buying it at a Coach store in Canada but not so much so that it is really worth it to buy across the border.