Good news! Bloomies is NOT having a sale today!

  1. Can you believe it! Josh - my never seen in the flesh SA from Bloomindales in San Francisco - called me out of the blue to say that he was WRONG about a sale he originally slated to start today. They are only adding a slight extra percentage to the already marked down items they had out on display and there are very few of those. What a relief! I was dreading having to tell him that "Nope" - no more money left! Tee hee!" But this way he will call me when any significant markdowns do appear. Sure wish an SA in my very own town would be as accomodating.
  2. Aren't you glad you snagged your Chloe from Bal Harbor? Sometimes "a bird in the hand" theory actually works out!
  3. Divnanata :heart:'s Josh. Imon :heart:'s Josh too. Imon found Josh first. ;) Josh called Imon too. Josh said nothing new to report, but Imon did get some photos. :graucho:
  4. ^Okay Imon. You win. He can be YOUR boyfriend. I'll just borrow him from time to when he gets a red Heloise in or something!!!
  5. :roflmfao:Oh no, I'll share! You know I'm j/k! I was really excited to get pics but they're tiny. There wasn't a single Heloise either, so I'm not sure if he's getting them. Next time you two chat (or whatever you've been up to ;)) maybe you can ask and then I'll ask and he can say "Dang, we should have got some Heloise for those 2 hot Chloe girls". Yep, that's what he'll say alright.:yes:
  6. Oh yeah - he's after OUR tails all right. Calling us smokin' gals all the way from San Francisco! Ya never know - he could eventually come through and show us some lovin' in the form of red Heloises like manna from Heaven. He know's what side his bread is buttered on. If he satisfies US - well hold ON there baby! There are plenty more girlfriends/customers at the Forum to keep him busy for years!
  7. 3. Josh is now my new BF...:heart::heart:
  8. acshih - SPILL! What did he do you for????
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao:watch your language, divnanata, there may be children present....:roflmfao:

    I called him and begged for any kinda purple bag...Got photos from him...but nothing interesting. Like Imon said, they are tiny and they are just bad scans of the store's order book. He is not even sure when he is going to get anything in.
  10. ^Get those kids away from the computer screen!!! It's hot HOT HOT in here!! Seriously - good old Josh is a perfect purse boyfriend. I'm sure he'll help us when he can!
  11. well, Divna and Imon were in for a threesome, then acshih makes it even more interesting by begging for something (anything) purple, then in a disappointed sigh whispers "it was just tiny stuff". followed by (drum roll....please)
    "he's not even sure when he's going to get anything in".

    where's Tag?
  12. Imon, you win....:roflmfao: I hope you did not tell Josh about this forum....:angel:
  13. OMG! I didn't but guess who did? yep, Divnanata.

    I hope he can't guess our real names from our screen names.:nuts:
  14. What do you mean by that Imon? :upsidedown: And YEEEes - I DID tell him about this secret obsessive society. It was for his own good and he said he would look into it. I just thought that he would need to know how best to satisfy us all. After all he has a direct line to the mothership! "Hey Paolo - they want more purple. And keep out of Moldavia."
  15. Chloe, silly? What did you think?