Good News and Bad News...

  1. Bad news first....I must have been on some really heavy drugs when I bid on this hideous fake (I really don't know what I was thinking, it was that last minute whim). I am usually so careful about these things--it is soo obviously fake too! I realized right after I had paid...ugh! Its disgusting in person. Hopefully I'll get my money back.

    Now the good news. I got my fab Cognac Alyona (for a great price too)! I've been looking for a brown bag for the longest time and this one is perfect for me. Everything on the bag checked out! IRL, its just dripping with fabulosity!

    Thank goodness that I got this bag, otherwise I would've had a lousy weekend. Anyone else have good news???
  2. cherry sorry about your bad news bag, i hope you get your money back too, but i LOVE the alyona and was looking at bidding on that bag, glad you got it though, enjoy!
  3. I highly recommend it. As much as I love the stam, it wouldn't work with my needs, the alyona is the perfect solution. I was a bit hesitant on the color, but its the perfect shade of brown that I was looking for. Good luck on your search...
  4. aww i hope you can get your money back. did you pay with a credit card? you should contact her before she ships it out. tell her that she better refund your money now or else shell have to face a lot more hassle with refunding you later on. congrats on the real one though!
  5. Oh I am so happy things worked out for you. Your cognac bag is TDF. I had asked about the other when the bid was 75$ and was told it was fake. I too purchased a fake quilted unknowingly. You'll get your money back. Stay on PayPal. GL.
  6. congrats on the alyona cognac bag. sorry about the other one. I hope you do get your money back in the will. hang in there!
  7. Thanks so much for the encouragement, the last time I bought a fake was like 2 years ago or something when I bought a fake Ferragamo wallet (didn't even think they'd fake those) The big giveaway was the card inside the wallet--on the back of that card it said "made in hong kong"! The seller was also starting to sell fake hermes wallets. When I left her a neutral (after she gave my money back) she left me a negative.

    Hopefully, this seller will give me my money back without having to file any disputes, but I'm prepared to do it. Thankfully I paid with credit card on paypal.